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No, the umpire can't call a strike or a ball until a pitch is thrown. There is no other play that uses those calls. An umpire can, however, walk the batter without a pitch being thrown if the pitcher attacks him. He can also advance a runner without a pitch being thrown if the pitcher balks.

An umpire can, indeed, call a "ball" prior to a pitch. This is part of the rule designed to prevent the "spitball." This is very specifically spelled out in MLB Rule 8.02a. The pitcher may not touch his hand to his mouth while inside the mound, apply any substance to the ball, deface the ball, spit on the ball or his hand, or rub the ball against anything. The penalty is that a ball is called.

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Q: Can the umpire call a ball without a pitch being thrown?
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Can an umpire call a batter out without a pitch being thrown?

Yes. If a batter refuses to enter the batter's box, he is out. A batter is also out if someone else already in the lineup bats in their spot.

What is a bad pitch called?

A bad pitch is called a ball by the umpire. If the bad pitch is thrown by the catcher and a baserunner advances it is marked in the scorebook as a "WP" (wild pitch)

Why does the umpire change balls after they hit the dirt?

The dirt causes the baseball to have more movement when the next pitch is thrown.

When match beginsthe umpire calls?

All balls in. Going Down. All the practice balls are thrown in then the pitcher throws the first pitch without the batter. The catcher catches it and throws it to second. (to be more specific)

What is the least number of pitches a pitcher can throw in a baseball game?

Zero. If a pitcher delays the pitch or if the pitcher does an illegal move the umpire is to award the batter a ball. Done 4 consecutive times the batter is awarded 1st base. If then the Pitcher picks the runner off, the first out is recorded with no pitch being thrown. Also if a batter delays the umpire is to issue the batter a strike done three consecutive times the batter would be called out. So it is possible to record an out with no pitch being thrown. Repeat for each out of each inning. Likely the answer that is being looked for is one pitch for each out of th game 27.

Does a catcher interfernce count when umpire calls it but man does not walk to first base only after a second pitch was thrown little League?

The interference should have been enforced when called.

In softball what is a walk?

A walk is when 4 balls are thrown that are not in the strike zone of the umpire. the balls may be thrown in any order, such as a strike, 2 balls, a strike and a 2 balls. The batter is then walked. You can also be hit by a pitch, which would earn you a base as a walk.

Does a batter have to call time or can he just back out?

A batter must request and then be given time from the home plate umpire. If the batter backs out of the batter's box without time being called the pitch is legal and valid.

What is a bad pitch thrown in baseball?

wild pitch

What was the slowest pitch thrown in the MLB?

it was the ephes pitch

Softball hits umpire in fair territory?

if the umpire is inside the base path, then it is a dead ball... no pitch --- if the umpire is outside the base paths then it is a live ball

Does the umpire decide if a pitch is a ball or a strike?

I think so

What is the duty of leg umpire in cricket?

If you're refering to the umpire who stands to the side and in line with the batter's crease, he is there for run out appeals at that end. More and more these days, however, the 3rd umpire (Who isn't on the pitch, and is the person who uses technology to review decisions for the on pitch umpires.) is used for this decision for more reliable results. --I------I--

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown at Fenway Park?

The fastest pitch thrown at Fenway Park was 108 mph.

What is the difference between slow pitch softballs and fast pitch softballs?

One is thrown slow and the other is thrown fast.

Who makes the call when a player misses the base while advancing the umpire or the coach.?

A coach may yell out from the dugout but, it is up to which ever player has the ball when the play is over. All he has to do is touch the contested base with the ball in his hand. The umpire will either rule safe or out. It has to happen before another pitch is thrown.

Who can touch pitch without being defiled?

Someone with gloves

What is the fastest pitch thrown?

106 mph

Why do baseball games start 5 minutes after the hour?

In the MLB the reason for the game to start five (5) minutes after the hour is due to the fact that the umpire has to collect the line up cards from the coach's ... the coach's as will as the team do not have to take the field till the HOUR of play ... the umpire is allotted this time to collect the line up cards ... when both coach's have gone back to the dug outs from there home plate meeting with the umpire the umpire will call PLAY BALL and the FIRST pitch will be thrown ...

Can you lean into pitches in baseball?

No. If the umpire believes that you have leaned into a pitch in baseball, you are called out.

What is it called when you throw a slow pitch?

A changeup pitch is a slow pitch thrown to look like a fastball.

What is strike in softball?

Jeez, first of all, you need to catch up on reading that rules book of yours! A strike is a pitch thrown by the pitcher and hits the catcher's glove so that the catcher doesn't have to move her/his glove at all. Or if the pitch is in the "strike zone", the umpire may also call it a strike.

Can a pitch be thrown underarm in baseball?

No. Only in softball.

Does a baseball pitch speed up after it is thrown?

it could.

Batter gets hit by pitch but doesnt move?

If the Home Plate Umpire rules that the batter did not attempt to avoid being hit, batter does not get the pass to first base.