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a tennis ball cannot attract a brush. just like the brush cannot attract the tennis ball!

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a tennis ball cannot attract a brush. just like the brush cannot attract the tennis ball!

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Q: Can the tennis ball attract a brush?
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What is the gravitational force of a tennis ball?

The force depends on the field the tennis ball is in. All objects with mass attract all others; a tennis ball and the earth attract each other equally with a force equal to what we call the "weight" of the ball in pounds or ounces. Pounds and ounces are technically measures of force, NOT mass. They attract each other as described by the formula: where "m" is the true mass (usually in grams), "r" is the distance between the objects (in meters) and "G" is a constant: Ouch!

Definition of top spin in tennis?

Top spin is when you brush up on the ball with the racquet to make top spin. Top spin is used in tennis to make the ball drop onto the court so it will not go out of play. It is the most common used shot in tennis. It is very consistant.

Which ball can bounce the highest a basketballbaseballor a tennis ball?

a tennis ball

What ball do you uses when you play tennis?

A tennis ball.

What ball is needed to play tennis?

A tennis ball.

Which ball bounces higher. golf ball hockey ball tennis ball or cricket ball?

Its a fat foot ball tennis ball my balls bounce the highest

How big is the biggest tennis ball?

There is no biggest tennis ball. the normal tennis ball has 6.7 cm as diameter.

What ball bounces hightest tennis ball softball basketball?

Tennis ball

What will jump higher a baseball or a tennis ball?

tennis ball

How do you build a tennis ball machine?

You can build a tennis ball machine kit by purchasing a tennis ball machine kit. The tennis ball machine kit will come with detailed instructions.

Which ball bounce more tennis ball baseball cricket ball or rubber ball?

It's tennis ball.

What part of the tennis racquet makes contact WITH the tennis ball?

When you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, you want the ball to contact the sweet spot of strings.