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Yes it can, but the ball becomes free (live) at that spot instead of the ten yards.

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Q: Can the receiving team catch the onsides kick legally before ten yards?
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Can you fair catch an onside kick in the nfl?

No. Frank Gore of the 49ers was given a 5 yard penalty for calling fair catch after an onsides kick that didn't touch the ground.

If receiving team touches ball on punt and does not have possession then kicking team touches ball before going out of bounds but does not gain possession which team gets the ball?

Receiving team. Same as a catch. You must have possession before its your ball.

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What is interception?

The term interception is defined as the act of receiving something before its intended recipient. This term is also used frequently in football as a catch being caught by the opposing team.

Does an onside kick have to travel 10 yards before the receiving team can catch it?

No, the receiving team may attempt to take possession at any time after the kick. It is the kicking team that must wait for the ball to travel 10 yards before they can be the first to touch it. However, should a member of the receiving team touch the ball before it travels 10 yards and fumble/muff it, the kicking team can recover the ball and take possession without penalty.

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When a punt is kicked can the opposing team hit the person who is catching the ball?

If you are a K player (kicking team) and 'hit' or 'make contact' with the R player (receiving team) trying to catch the ball before or during the catch, it is a kick-catch interference foul. The R player attempting to catch the kick is given protection. He is given an 'opportunity to catch the ball'. If the R player asks for a fair catch, he is never to be hit, unless the ball hits the ground.

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