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According to the FIFA Laws of the Game if a player passes it with their feet to the goal keeper who then picks it up in the penalty area, then play is stopped and the restart is an IFK for the opponents.

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Q: Can the goalie pick up the ball when a player on his side passes the ball back to him in mini soccer rules Under 10's?
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What can you ask a soccer player?

Well, you can ask a soccer player anything that is related to soccer. Here are a few with the answers. 1. What is offsides? When a player with the ball gets a pass from their team mate but the opponent is in back of the person who got the pass. (Should be something like that) 2. How do you get a throw in? When the opponent kicks the ball out of bounds. 3. How many people on the field at a time? (Depends on their age) 12 and under 8 including goalie (7 not including goalie) 13 and up 11 including goalie (10 not including goalie) 4. What are the positions? Goalie, defense, offense mid-field Hope these helped!

How many people are on the field of an under 14 indoor soccer team?

5 on the field, 6 including the goalie.

How many players are on the field on an under 8 soccer team?

It depends but usually u will use 9 including the goalie. That's what I did when I was 8

A soccer game may not start with no more than how many players?

It depends the age group. But I'm guessing your not under the age of 8. So soccer can only start withh 11 players (including goalie).

Who is the best soccer player under 21?

Neymar. he plays for santos and is currently 20

Who chantale Campbell soccer player?

Local teenager kicks Canada into under-17 World Cup | Soccer ... 23 Mar 2010 ... Chantale Campbell is stressed. ... Canadian women's under-17 soccer player Chantale Campbell won a gold medal at CONCACAF tournament to ...

What is the longest hockey goal scored when a goalie was in net?

There are goalies that have scored on the other goalie. the rink is 200ft long, so it's just under 200ft (at the most).

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If a player does not close his hand on the puck but does use his hand to push the puck under the goalie in the crease in ice hockey is it a penalty shot or just delay of game?

Players in their defensive zone can hand pass the puck to anyone in the defensive zone; therefore, they can "shovel" the puck under their goalie in the crease to stop play. Play would be stopped provided the goalie was in check by an attacking player; otherwise, the goalie would be given a minor penalty if he didn't get rid of the puck within 3 secs. This penalty rule is at the discretion of the referee. With regards to penalties and penalty shots associated to players playing the puck with their hands: If any player other than the goalie closes his hand on the puck or picks the puck off the ice with his hand "OUTSIDE" of the goal crease, a minor penalty will be assessed most likely a delay of game. If any player other than the goalie closes his hand on the puck or picks the puck off the ice with his hand "INSIDE" the crease, a penalty or penalty shot will be awarded to the non-offending team. (at the discretion of the referee)

What is a u8 soccer game?

A soccer match played by children under 8 years old.

Where do you live if you are a professional soccer player?

You live under the football field at your club. There are tunnels and burrows, where the whole team lives. You emerge for training and games.

What do you wear when playing soccer?

Feet: Soccer cleats. You can buy them in the sport stores near you. When you join a team, they will give you the team's soccer shirt (jersey), shorts and long socks. Under your socks, wear shinguards. Especially the shinguards that also guards your ankle. If you are a female soccer player, I prefer you should put your hair in a ponytail.

Why doesn't an object move forward as a wave passes under it?

The wave is not strong enough to move the object forward. It just passes along under the object and goes on its way.

In the game of soccer under 9 should a player who unintentionally kicked the ball into another player go up to that player while the hurt player is with their parent or coach and apologize?

they do not have to. it is not written in the rule book. it is a sign, if you go over and apologize, that you are sorry and did not intentionally do it.

A red card in soccer means the team has to play short the whole game?

Under the FIFA Laws of the Game, a sent off player may not be substituted for. That player's team must play short.

Is a air inside of a soccer ball a gas or liquid?

Gas. A soccer ball is filled with gas under pressure.

What is Malaysia about?

Malaysia is a name of country which gain independence from the british, and still live under poor democratic system, while its people do not have bravery to fight for it. Malaysia is the strongest soccer team in southeast. And Khairul Fahmi Chet Mat ( Apex ) is number 1 the best goalie in Asia.

What happens to a duck on the surface of a pond when a wave passes under it?

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How old can you be to play on a U9 soccer team?

9 or under.

What do you do after u18 in soccer?

You then move into the under 21 group in football.

Do you wear soccer shin guards over or under socks?

If you want to look like a normal soccer player, you would wear your shin guards under your socks. If the plastic liner is a problem and causes a rash, thin moisture-wicking socks are available that will improve the comfort. They are found in athletic equipment stores.

Can soccer Players wear under shorts if they are of the same color as the main color of the shorts?

Yes. A soccer player may wear undershorts if they are completely concealed, or if any exposed part of the garmet matches the color of the main color of the kit shorts.

Who is more famous Roy or Miller in the NHL?

this is more of an opionon, i think miller is a little under rated but roy was a great goalie

What is a u12 soccer league?

A u12 soccer league is a league for kids 12 or under. If you see GU12 or BU12, the "G" stands for girls and the "B" stands for boys. Therefore, Girls Under 12/Boys Under 12.

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