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Q: Can the defense run the ball back on a fumbled extra point?
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Can a fumbled snap on an extra point conversion be run back by the defense for a touchdown?

In college football, yes, except it counts as a 2-point "defensive conversion," not a touchdown. In the NFL, no. As soon as the defense takes possession, the ball would be dead.

What is a sentence for fumbled?

She fumbled around in her back pack.

Who gets the ball after a blocked extra point and the defense runs it back and gets 2 points?


Has there ever been an NFL or college football game where a team only scored 1 point?

Although it is not possible to score only one point in an NFL game in college football it is possible to score only one point. It has never happened, but it would involve a return by the defense on a extra point attempt. If the defense made a return on a blocked kick, fumble, or interception (all dead plays in the NFL on an extra point conversion), fumbled the ball before scoring at the other end, and the offensive conversion team recovered it then went back into the end zone and was tackled, it would a one point safety for the defense.

When on offense if the ball is fumbled into the back of the end zone what happens?

Depending on which side recovers the loose ball. If the defense player does it is a safety and worth 2 points to that team and they get the ball back on a kick off. If the offensive player gets it, and makes it out of the end zone he takes it as far as he can and the game continues from there. If the offensive player gets it and is tackled inside the end zone, it is again a safety for the other team. Do you mean if the ball is fumbled out of the back of the end zone? In that case, it's a safety awarded to the defense. If the ball is fumbled into the end zone but the offense recovers and is tackled, that's also a safety. If the ball is fumbled into the end zone but the defense recovers, it's a touchdown for the defense.

How does a football team score a two-point touchdown?

If a team attempts a two point conversion after scoring a touchdown and the ball is fumbled and recovered by the defense or if a pass is intercepted by the defense who then run the ball back to the other end zone the defense team will be credited with the two points. This is called a defensive conversion. Note that this rule only applies in college football. In the NFL, the defense can't score on a point-after attempt.

Can a 2 point conversion fumbled be run back for a touchdown?

no it can't it will just stop them from making the 2 point conversion which sucks but that is the facts.

In football if the offense has the ball on fourth down and fumbles then the defense fumbles in the exact same place where they picked up the ball and the offense gets it back whose ball is it?

As long as there was a clear change of possession to the defense before they fumbled the ball back to the offense, then the offense would keep the ball and get a new set of downs. If the defense fumbled the ball back to the offense without ever establishing possession, then the ball would go over to the defense on downs. The only way the offense could retain possession in this case is if the ball ended up beyond the first-down marker when the offense finally recovered.

Any NFL running back that never fumbled?

Earl Campbell

What Cowboy fumbled in Super Bowl five?

The Colts fumbled the opening kickoff of the second half and the Cowboys recovered. The Cowboys drove to the Colts 1 yard line when running back Duane Thomas fumbled the ball and the Colts recovered.

What NFL running back has never fumbled in his career?

Adrian peterson vikings

What happens when the defense blocks an extra point try and recovers the ball?

If the extra point hits the ground, it is no good. If the deffending team catches it, they could get two points. In order to get the points, they have to run it back to their opponent's end zone without being tackled or going out of bounds. If they do not run it back all the way, they do not get the two points, but the ball is kicked off to them.

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