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field goal

extra point


2 point conversion

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Q: What are five different ways to score points in a football game?
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When was the last time in the NFL where a game was decided with a combined score of less than 5 points?

The last time a game in the National Football League was decided with a combined score of less then five points, was when the Packers played the Bears in January.

How many points does a darts player score for throwing three darts into the small ring?

seventy-five points seventy-five points

In basketball is it possible to score five points in one basket?

No, it is impossible to score five points in one basket since the farthest possible shot is beyond the three-point line, which only scores you three points.

How many touchdowns and extra points would a football team earn to get 35 points?

five touchdowns and five point after tries.

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A good score in five pin bowling IMO is around 225 points. A great score is 300 or more.

After five games the basketball teams average score was eighty eight points after six games their average score had increased to ninety what was their score in the sixth game?


How is basketball performed?

There is offense and defense. There are five players on the court at a time. The aim is to score as many points against the opposition.

Average score for a hockey match?

5 3-2 is a good scoring game with an average of five points in total

You plan on taking a five-part exam each part worth 50 points The maximum score is measured in the?


In badminton what is setting?

Setting' in badminton becomes an option when, in a game to 15 points, the score reaches 13-13. If the players choose to 'set,' then the score is wiped to 0-0, and the first person to score five points wins.

How old is two score and five?

A score is twenty. Ergo, two score and five is 45.

What does 5 score mean?

A score is twenty. Five score is 100.

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