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No, it can be returned for 2 pts. on an extra pt. conversion.

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Q: Can the defender intercept the ball on extra point play for touchdown in high school football?
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If the ball is intercepted on an extra point can you score a touchdown?

You cannot score a touchdown if you intercept an extra point. If you return it for a touchdown (all the way to the other team's end zone) you get two points. This is only for college level football. Professional football and High School football immediately blows the whistle and the play is dead when an extra point kick attempt is blocked.

How many points do high school football touchdowns get?

A touchdown in highschool football is worth 6 points.

Who holds the record for the most touchdown passes in a high school football season?

Corey Robinson with 91 touchdown passes in 2008. He plays for Troy University.

Who thrown the most touchdown passes in a single game in Mississippi high school football?

Tim Couch

What is pass interference in high school football?

It is when the defender pushes the receiver after the first 10 yards of the receiver's route

In high school football is an offsides penalty a dead ball foul?

Yes. Play is stopped the moment the defender crosses into the neutral zone. Technically, this is called "encroachment." There is no "offsides" foul in high school football.

What are the high school football rules for overtime California?

California high school football follows an overtime structure similar to that of college football, meaning that in a given overtime period each team's offense is given the ball at the opponents 25-yard line. According to California Interscholastic Federation rules, "If a second overtime period is needed, a 2 point conversion must be attempted by the team scoring a touchdown." Thus, in order for this contest to stretch to three overtimes, the teams not only had to match each other touchdown for touchdown, but conversion for conversion.

Can a fumbled ball be recovered by the same team for a touchdown in high school football?

In high school there are no special rules concerning a forward fumble, so yes, the fumbling team can recover it for a touchdown. However, if the officials determine that a ball was deliberately fumbled forward to try and gain yardage, they can rule it as an incomplete pass.

How long does it take to become a public defender?

It usually takes at least 7 years after high school to become a public defender. You must first graduate from both college and law school. After law school, you can take the bar exams. After becoming an attorney, you can become a public defender.

Does Barry Sanders have a son barry sanders jr playing high school football?

He does; Barrt Sanders Jr. plays high school ball in Oklahoma. He made news with a 64yd touchdown run and is notable for averaging around 8yds a carry.

Did desert hills high school in Utah win their first football game against uintah?

Yes, Desert Hills High School defeated Uintah High School for it's first game played as a new school. Please see for a brief game summary. Note: Daniel "Butch" Hatch, RB #1 scored Desert Hills first school touchdown.

What yard line is a football placed after a touchdown?

It depends on the league and level of football, but in the NFL, the football is normally placed on the 2 yard line for both a point-after kick or a 2-point conversion attempt. In high school, it's placed on the 3 yard line. CFL rules put it on the 5 yard line.

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