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Q: Can team A call a time out after the ball has been handed to A1 to shot foul shots?
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What happens to basketball players if they kick the ball?

The officials call a violation, and possession is handed over to the opposing team.

What is the double dribble rule?

Double dribble is when you dribble with both hands on the ball at one time and they eventually call a double dribble and the ball is handed to the other team.

Can you call time out in basketball when a fouled shooter has been handed the basketball?


When was Call the Shots created?

Call the Shots was created on 2007-11-26.

Can the pros curve racquetball shots?

Yes. When you hit the ball, on contact when the racquet hits the call snap your wrist in the direction you want it to go.

What does call the shots mean?

In billiards or pool, to call your shot means to declare ahead of time which pocket in the table you are going to aim your ball. This has come to mean figuratively that you are in charge of the situation.

What do you call a left-handed person?

A left handed person is called a southpaw.

What happens when a Basket ball player touches the hand of the offensive player during a shot?

a shooting foul is call for 2 or 3 shots depends if its behind the 3 point line

What actors and actresses appeared in Call Your Shots - 1928?

The cast of Call Your Shots - 1928 includes: Estelle Bradley Glen Cavender Otto Fries Eva Thatcher

Was Mickey Mantle left handed?

he was both right handed and left swinging. he is what you call a switch hitter.

What do you call a left handed lemon?

An orange

What do you call both left and right handed people?


What do you call a person who is right handed?

A Righty.Well, he ^ said that you call them a righty, as you can see. I always call someone who is right handed right, or correct. Hee hee hee! Or, if you aren't looking for a little joke, I also say that they're a righty too.

How do you kill the boss in call of the dead?

it takes a lot of powerful shots or 15 shots from the upgraded scavenger the hyena infra-dead

Is my dog okay she had her shots today and is now acting lithargic and trembling?

Call your vet, usually my dogs get tired after getting their shots, but no trembling, some dogs have reactions to shots and can get very sick, some dog owners just get titters shots.

Can a Scorpio man be hard to get?

Absolutely! They call their own shots!

What are synonyms for dominate?

boss , call the shots , command , control

What are synonyms for domination?

boss , call the shots , command , control

In football can one offensive player call time out while another offensive player has the ball but has not been tackled?

No, a timeout can not be called until the player with the ball is down or out of bounds.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

How many bullets does it take to kill george in call of dead in call of duty black ops?

Probably about 250 shots with the ray gun. 100 shots with the scavenger. Close too those number not exact

What do you call a length of time of one handed years?

A century.

What do you call a left handed baseball player?

South paw

When can you call a time out?

As far as college ball and the NBA are concerned, a team may call a time out when they are in possession of the ball or during a dead ball. A team may not call time out when they are on defense.

What do you call the tip of a pen?

Ball (ball point pen).