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Q: Can you call time out in basketball when a fouled shooter has been handed the basketball?
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Who has been fouled the most in the nba?


In basketball how long does a coach have to substitute for a player that has fouled out?

Until the referee thinks that the time has been long enough. If the coach will not substitute a player in, then the coach is hit with a technical foul.

What does it mean when a basketball team is in the bonus?

Each team can foul seven times before each foul results in automatic free throw shooting. When a team is in the bonus, they have been fouled at least seven times in that half, and anytime a member of this team is fouled, they automatically will be shooting a free throw, even if the foul occurs in a non-shooting situationl

When did basketball become netball?

It didn't. Basketball has always been basketball, netball has always been netball. Netball developed from basketball in the 1890s.

How many steps can you take after you have been fouled?

Depends on the ref usually 2-3 steps

How long has basketball been around?

the origin of basketball has been around since 1891.

What is a freethrow in basketball?

A free throw is a shot that a player gets to take if he or she has just been fouled by the opposing team. A free throw is shot from the 3 pt line. It counts as 1 point. During a free throw no one can touch the ball as it is shot.

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