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No, spyders use spyder threaded barrels, where tippmans use either 98 or A5/x7 threads.

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โˆ™ 2012-03-31 17:12:20
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Q: Can spyder barrels fit a tippmann gun?
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Do spyder tanks fit the tippmann gun?

All Co2 tanks will fit any gun meant to be powered by Co2.

What barrels will fit a Brass Eagle T Storm Paintball gun?

Spyder threaded barrels.

What barrels will fit a Brass Eagle T-Storm Paintball gun?

Any Spyder threaded barrels.

What barrels will fit a brass eagle avenger 3 paintball gun?

spyder threaded.

What stock fits the Carver one gun?

Any stock built for the Tippmann 98 series, including the project salvo, alpha black and the non Tippmann BT4. A5/x7 ans spyder mr stocks will not fit.

Does the tippmann gryphon powerback paintball gun use the same barrels as the tippmann 98 custom?

I believe it is a5/x7 threaded.

What is 3skull on a paintball gun?

3skull is a company that makes aftermarket parts for tippmann, spyder and smart parts guns.

Would a kingman spyder 3000 psi 48 ci hpa tank work on a tippmann gun?


Which paintball gun is better a tippmann or spyder?

Without specific marker models, It is more of a matter of opinion. The Tippmann internal design is much more durable, and simpler, where the Spyder design: (also found in all "spyder clones") the stacked tube is generally able to be faster and lighter.

Will tippmann e trigger fit on a bt4 paintball gun?


Will a tippmann 98 custom pro paintball gun fit the exact same response trigger as a tippmann a5 paintball gun?

No, they will not both fit unless you have it custom fitted.

Your paint ball gun has c02 coming out the barrel What is wrong?

it really depends on which marker you have. if its a tippmann or tippmann clone it is typically your power tube or sometimes the tombstone seal that is the issue, if its a spyder or spyder clone your problem has to be in the valve body or cup seal

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