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Q: Can some women athletes run faster than men athletes?
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Do men always run faster then women?

The fastest male runners are faster than the fastest female runners. However, there are surely some women who can faster than most men.

Do women age faster than men?

No but some of them worry about it more.

Why do some women get pregnant faster than others?

Because they are healthier

How do men eliminate alcohol faster than women?

A mans body is naturally made bigger and with a faster metabolism than womans, that is how alcohol is eliminated faster in men rather than women.

Why are some objects are faster than the others?

some objects faster than the others because its due to the movement of the earth.... hahah joke lang :))

Why do women athletes get paid less than men athletes?

While opinions may vary, the main reason women athletes are paid less than male athletes is because the amount of revenue generated by male athletes. Male sports bring in more ratings on television which in turn bring out bigger sponsors who are willing to spend more money to endorse the team or product.

Do women have faster pulses than men?

yes woman have faster pulses then man

Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?

In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

Do women mature faster than men?

In terms of mental maturity, women do not mature faster than men. Gender has no effect on maturity. Maturity is determined only by the individual and any set of circumstances that person deals with in his or her lifetime. If you look back to a few decades ago, women did not have nearly as many rights as men did. They often had to prove themselves which caused them to mature differently than men. Of course, men and women back then were held to a higher standard of maturity than today. This is one reason why some people believe women mature faster than men. However, women physically mature faster than men do by a few years.

Why some object move faster than the other?

why are some objects faster than other

Why are some object move faster than the object?

why are some objects faster than other

Why are some objects move faster than other?

why are some objects faster than other

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