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Yes they can however not recommend in most instances.

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Q: Can players in softball officially talk to the umpire?
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Can you smack talk in softball with out being kicked out?

No, unless you don't tell the umpire.

Plays that cannot be appealed in softball?

Plays that cannot be appealed are judgment calls. If there is a question about rule interpretation, then the coach should calmly approach the umpire and talk to him about it. Judgment calls are irreversible, even if a bad call was made and it is apparent.

Can you play softball with a toe chip fracture?

probably not but you should talk to your doctor

How do you locate a sponsor for a new softball league?

Talk to your local sporting goods companies. Sometimes they'll sponsor leagues or teams to help out in their community. Also, talk to parents of players in your league. Many times parents can have their places of work sponsor teams or leagues.

How do you become a little league umpire?

Ask an umpire that umpires a lot. He will either give you the right contact info or give you info on his own. Talk to other umps who ump a lot.

In bear babe Ruth league when a manager goes to to mound to talk to the pitcher can all the player in the field come to the mound also?

Yes, but the umpire has the right to shorten the meeting to allow players to reposition without causing a delay in the game.

Do the survivor players talk to the crew?


How do you talk to famous soccer players?

With your mouth ....idiot

Can defence players talk when offence players shooting a free throw?

no you cant it can be a technical foul

What is the possessive form of players?

As players is already plural, a single apostrophe is added to the end so if we talk about the houses belonging to the players, we say 'the players' houses'.

Can you talk to your mate on wolfquest?

No, you can't talk to your mate on WolfQuest but you can talk to other players on the multiplayer section. I hope this helped!

Can spore be 2 player game?

No, but you can "talk" to other players...

Where can you meet arsenal fc players?

talk to joe williams

How can you talk to other players in minecraft?

press the T button when on a server with other players and type your message. all players will see it

What are softball colleges looking for in their players?

They are looking for hustle and effort. They do not want to see you striking out and waking back to the dugout. They want to see you run to first as hard as you can, even though you are out. they want you to talk to your players, let them know how many outs and where the play is at, etc. They want to see determination, moreso than skill. But a common knowledge of the game is expected.

How do you communicate with other players on dead island?

you put your mike on and talk

Why do umpires turn around when cleaning off home plate?

This is not a requirement, but is done as a courtesy to the catcher. The umpire can also take this opportunity to talk to the catcher and not make it seem obvious. This practice was started many years ago, to be honest, so that the umpire would not show their rear end to the fans primarily behind home plate. Most conversations between the umpire and the catcher occur while both are facing the pitcher (toward centerfield)..that way no fan can see either player or umpire's face, read lips or even tell that an umpire and catcher are talking.

Who do you talk to on miniclip?

You talk to your friends. Just send people that you see on the players page a friend request. Most will accept.

What is time limit for manager to talk to pitcher on the mound?

There is no time limit addressed in the official MLB rules. This is left up to the discretion of the home plate umpire. But, if the manager is still on the mound after 15-20 seconds the umpire will start his walk to the mound to break things up.

What do people talk about at half time?

Half time is used to talk about strategy for the second half and usually the head coach will give a short pep talk to rally his players.

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for the players to rest as it is a really tiring game and for a team talk and game plans!

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because guys are animals

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