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no you cant it can be a technical foul

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โˆ™ 2011-03-02 17:15:06
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Q: Can defence players talk when offence players shooting a free throw?
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What are the startup positions in basketball?

at the very start there is a throw up , two people in the centre , and the rest north south east and west of the players . There are three people from each team on defence and one person from each team on offence the person on offence is usually the ball handler

Free throw where all other players stand behind midcourt?

if there is a technical foul while you are shooting

What is a free throw in basketball?

A free throw line is the line players shoot from when they are fouled while shooting or fouled when the opponents have 4 team fouls.

When foul shooting where can the other players stand excluding the lane players in relationship to the three point line?

Free throw line extended but behind the 3 point arch.

What happens if you pass the free throw line when shooting a free throw?

If you pass the free throw line when shooting you will be called for a line violation.

Do players need more energy to throw or pass a basketball?

The players do not need energy to throw or pass a basketball

Can a basketball player throw the basketball up in the air before free throw shooting?


How is a free throw executed in basketball?

When someone fouls a person who is shooting gets a free throw.

What are the muscules used when shooting a free throw?

Mainly the biceps.

If you get fouled while shooting a shot what do you get to shoot?

A free throw

What baseball players have worn number 49?

Players that throw knuckleballs

Who shoots free throw underhanded?

Ricky Berry had an unorthodox but accurate underhanded free throw shooting

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