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Yes , there are no rules in the game of Chess prohibiting the duplication of a move by an opponent .

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Q: Can people copy you in chess?
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To purchase a copy of "Fritz Chess" one must enter the chess base website. Once in this website enter the shop where one may purchase the latest copy of "Fritz Chess" in this case Fritz 13.

In music name the people behind the chess records?

In music, there are two different people behind the Chess Records. In music, the people behind the Chess Records include Leonard Chess and Phil Chess.

Do people like chess more or checkers more?

Technically, chess is more popular, I did a vote out of 100 chess and checker players and 93 people chose chess.

Who cheated at chess?

many people cheat at chess if they have a program

How many people can play in a chess game?

Only 2 people can play a chess game.

What is the purpose of chess?

im not exactly sure if your asking what you want to do in a chess game, or why people play and enjoy chess. well, im here to tell you both. what you want to do in chess is call ' checkmate! ' or actually win a chess game by checkmating your opponent. why people play chess is a lot less eaisier. i love playing chess, but most people play for the enjoyment, while others play for competetion, or the oppostite, relaxation. i hope i helped you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy chess!!! lolz

Why is chess important?

Chess is a game for all people , the game helps to develop memory , improves concentration , develops concentration , imagination and creativity , chess teaches independence , chess develops the capability to predict and foresee consequences of actions , chess inspires self-motivation , chess shows that success rewards hard work , chess helps to facilitate critical thinking skills , chess improves school work and grades , you get to meet like-minded people , chess is an inexpensive game to play , and chess is entertaining .

Sam's obituary mentions that he was a dedicated gamesman and a master of chess Why might this be significant?

because when sam loves to play chess he wins so he tells people he is good at playing chess

How do you install Majestic Chess in vista?

... install majestic chess on a XP-system. Then copy the complete directory of the installed program on your vista-pc. it will be run by clicking the exe. greetings mike

What is Chess Variant?

Chess variant is a game derived from chess. So it is quite similar to chess. Most people would probably play normal chess rather than chess variant. The difference between chess and chess variant are: Similar but different rules. Different board. Similar but different pieces.

Why do people play chess?

Many chess players enjoy a friendly game of chess where they can test their skills against another opponent .

How many people play chess in the united states?

I can't give you the exact number, but a lot of people play chess.

What is a chess competition?

its a battle between diffrent people to see whoes the best at chess.

Why do people want to include chess in the Olympics?

Chess includes a lot of strategy and is played all around the world. Chess is also a sport.

What is a chess club?

A chess club is a club were a bunch of people go and play, virse, and learn skills and play other people!!!

How many people have died due to extreme chess?

Since 1903 reportedly 27,o94 people have died due to extreme chess playing although only 24,897 are officially reported. the most people have died in one extreme chess insident was in 1965 when in the world chess championships in Poland were 4,987 people died and 34,863 were seriously injured .

Why is the game of chess not popular at all here in the US?

The game of chess is popular with some people and some groups in the US. Many High Schools have chess clubs and there are big chess tournaments. The movie Searching for Bobby Fischer is a small insight into the chess world. It's popularity is similar to tennis I think. It is huge for some people, and for other people it never really makes it onto their radar. Most people have played, but few have become addicted.

Does Lady Gaga play chess?

The answer is probably yes. Chess is widely played by most people in the world.

In chess can the queen skip people?


Where could people buy chess teachers?

You could HIRE a chess teacher (i mean a human being) but if you buy a chess teacher you may have to go on the internet and search it.

How come Majestic Chess won't install on Windows Vista?

Install Majestic chess on a Xp-System. Then copy the complete directory of the installed program in your vista system. click the exe and it shoud run. greetings mike

Were chess pieces real people?

All of the pieces except the rooks, in old days, were people. Now, they evolved to become the chess pieces we know of today.

Do animals copy people or do people copy animals?

They both copy each other.

How can you become a better chess player?

To become a better chess player you must constantly play chess against people who are better than you. You must also learn from your mistakes.

You wish to play chess on net? is a popular and fun website to play chess on. There is often around 10,000 people playing live chess at anytime during the day.