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no lebron is a good player but can not guard a 6,10 guard kd is a beast nobody can stop him

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โˆ™ 2013-03-20 12:59:09
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Q: Can lebron guard Kevin durent
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Who is better Lebron James or Michael Durent?

Who's Michael Durent? Do you mean Kevin Durant? If so, LeBron is better. Kevin Durant has higher scoring stats, but lebron is overall better.

Who is better Kevin durant or Lebron james?

kevin durant because he has height over lebron he is a better shooter than lebron

Who better lebron or kevin durant?

LeBron the KING

Who better kevin Durant or Lebron?

LeBron the KING

Who score more points lebron or kevin durant?

lebron james

What does LeBron James play in basketball?

point-guard or wing/guard

Who is Kevin durant idol?

Lebron James

What is LeBron James house address?

I cannot tell anybody that ,coming from LeBron's body guard.

What is the lineup for the 2011 all-star game?

Western Conference- Point Guard- Chris Paul, Shooting Guard- Kobe Bryant, Small Forward- Kevin Durant, Power Forward- Carmelo Anthony or Pau Gasol, Centre- Yao Ming Eastern Conference- Point Guard- Rajon Rondo, Shooting Guard- Dwayne Wade, Small Forward- LeBron James, Power Forward- Kevin Garnett, Centre- Dwight Howard

Is lebron better than kevin durant?

Yes Lebron is all around better than Durant!

Is kevin Durant better than Lebron?

Yes Lebron is all around better than Durant!

Is LeBron James a point guard?

No, Lebron James is a small forward. But he can play every position he is the best player in the world and can be the best point guard if he wants to play that position.

Is Kevin durant better than lebron James?

i think Kevin is better because he is younger

Who is paid more Kevin durant or lebron James?

In 2010-11, LeBron made more than Durant.

Where can you find the powder chalk stuff that NBA players like LeBron James or Kevin Garnett use?

lebron james

What movie did Kevin Bacon play a prison guard?

Kevin Bacon plays a guard in the movie Sleepers.

Can lebron shoot better than Kevin durant?


Who are the siblings of LeBron James?

Kevin Hart Jay-z

Which player has the best chance of winning the NBA MVP award in 2012?

LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kevin Love have the best shot at it, but if you ask me LeBron james will take his third MVP title

What position was lebron James in high school?

Shooting guard

Who in the highest points scorer in the NBA?

lebron james/kevin durantt

Who was lebron James favorite player growing up?

kevin garnett

Who is the best basketball player after Michael Jordan?

It will be lebron or Kevin durant

Who is lebron James favorite cuurent players?

Kevin Garnett,and Carmelo Anthony.

Is LeBron James gay?

No, he is in no way homosexual. But Kevin Durant is in fact gay.