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yes. any cleat used in sports played on grass (football, soccer, Field Hockey,etc) can be interchanged

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Q: Can lacrosse cleats be used in other sports?
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Can you use soccer cleats for lacrosse?

No but American football cleats can be used for lacrosse

Can lacrosse cleats be used for football?


Can you use baseball cleats for lax?

No, they will tear up the grass on the Lacrosse field. Generally Soccer cleats are used when playing Lacrosse.

Can lacrosse cleats be used for baseball?

Depends on the league.

Can you use lacrosse cleats on turf fields?

They can be used on turf fields and can work well. The mechanism used in making many shoesÊcleats is usually the same.

Why are different kinds of cleats used for different sports?

So the have better traction

What were the first sports?

Lacrosse one of the first sports. The Native Americans used to play with a human head instead of a lacrosse ball. The winners of the game were honored by being killed as a sacrifice.

Is there any difference between a goal and an hoop in basketball?

A goal is a term generally used in sports such as soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and other sports. In basketball, it is referred to as a hoop, and you score points not goals.

What sport uses the term stutz?

There are multiple sports that use the term slash. It is a penalty that is used in sports such as hockey, and lacrosse

Is the nike tiempo a soccer or baseball cleat?

They are soccer cleats, but can also be used for other cleat sports if you play recreationally. If you play competitively, then you should get the sport-specific footwear.

What is the relationship between cleats and shoes?

They both are worn on your feet, one is used for sports such as soccer though.

What sports did the Iroquois used to play?

Iroquois played lacrosse.

How do you compare and contract Native American lacrosse to the lacrosse you know today?

They used to kill each other in Lacrosse back then

Why is friction important to running why are cleats used in football soccer and other sports?

Friction is a necessity in playing sport. Cleats are worn so the when you step your foot connects with the ground and it does not move. It gives you grip on the other hand. If you have this grip you are able to run faster and it improves your game. That is also the reason why your running shoes have a pattern on the bottom.

How are lacrosse and basketball alike?

There are many similarities between basketball and lacrosse. In fact, the inventor of basketball used to be a lacrosse coach. Defenses are mostly run the same and many of the same rules apply to both sports.

What sports uses a net on a stick similar to the one used to catch butterflies?

Isn't it lacrosse?

What is the sport lacrosse?

lacrosse is a sport that is a mix of football,soccer, and hockey. native americans used lacrosse to train warriors for war against other tribes or they just played other tribes for fun

What words that are related to sports that start with letter c?

Carts are golf sports equipment. Cleats are football equipment used in football, baseball and soccer.

Are NFL cleats metal?

Players can wear metal tipped cleats, plastic tipped cleats, or rubber cleats. Generally, rubber cleats are used when playing on artificial turf and are round. Cleats used outdoors are detachable and can be replaced with a different type or length depending on the playing conditions.

Where are cleats and cam cleats used in real life In technology.?

they are used in sailing equipment

What sports have been dropped from the Olympics?

Sports that used to be competed in the Olympics include lacrosse, golf, rugby, tug-of-war, and croquet. After the 2008 Games, baseball and softball are being dropped.

Is a ball used in lacrosse?

yes in lacrosse there is a ball used

Are baseball cleats the same as football cleats?

No there is a difference between baseball cleats and football cleats. Football cleats are used for traction and are screw in type, where as baseball cleats are not they are put there for keeps they also are longer in size. here is a site that explains what I am saying but better

How was lacrosse used?

Lacrosse was used for training for war with the Native Americans.

Where can one purchase Nike baseball cleats?

Most brick-and-mortar sports equipment shops will carry Nike cleats for baseball. You can also purchase them from reputable online stores such as Amazon. If you want to save money you can check second hand shops and used item directories.