Can field ump call a hit by pitch?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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YES but he should do so after a conference with the home plate umpire. The idea is to get the call right and if the base umpire saw something the home plate umpire did not see he should confer with the the plate ump to get it right.

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Rules state that the umpires are part of the playing field.

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Q: Can field ump call a hit by pitch?
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What is another name for an umpire?

To decide if a pitch is a strike or a ball, if a hit is foul or fair and if a runner is safe or out. Also the ump can decide if the weather is unsafe to play.

Can a batter hit the pitch if out of the batters box?

He can but the umpire, in his descretion, probably won't give the batter first base

If a second baseman moves a base is the runner safe?

The ump wouldn't call the baserunner out if the fielder kicked the base out from under him, no.

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When there are conflicting decisions regarding if a runner is safe or out which umpire is correct?

Umpires have procedures so that only one umpire makes a call on any given play. If more than one makes a call than the umps would know who was out of line and their call would be made invalid. Umps could make different calls for different reasons. One ump might call the runner safe because he beat the throw, but another ump might have seen interference. In this case, the first ump wasn't wrong, but he'd be overruled because a separate ruling was made.

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Is batter out if he gets hit by ball ouside batter box is he out?

if he is the batter and INSIDE the batters box he gets 1 st base.....if he is outside of the batters box then he does not get 1st base. it becomes a judgment call if the ump calls it a ball,strike or called time.

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