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Q: Can feet be used to shoot a ball?
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Can feet be used to shoot the ball?

no u would get an penalty

Can feet be used to shoot the ball in a game of basketball?

no you would get a penalty :P

How do you shoot a knuckle ball?

Shoot the ball with no rotation

How far should a tennis ball launcher shoot a ball using a half ounce of lighter fluid?

it can go 3 feet. 10 feet if its a full ounce.

What is basketballs?

a basket ball is a big ball that is orange with black stripes and used to shoot baskets.

Is it still an up and down when you are in the air to shoot and someone stops you but you are still holding the ball and come back to the ground?

Yes. You have to shoot, pass or drop the ball before your feet hit the ground again.

Is it traveling in basketball when you hold the ball on the floor?

no its when you are holding the ball when your about to shoot no its when you are holding the ball when your about to shoot

Can feet to shoot the ball?

No , because that would be kickball in a real game. But if you are not playing a real game then yes.

How do you shoot a free throw?

Every person has a different technique. But generally you line up with the basket, shoot the ball and don't let your feet cross the line.

What skills are used in basketball after you stop dribbling the ball?

pivit, shoot or pass

What penalty in basketball when you shoot with feet?

There is no pentalty nor foul. It automatically goes to the opposing team & they have to in-bound the ball.

What is the approx distance a paint ball gun will shoot?

held completely horizontally a paintball will travel around 300 feet.

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