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In most cases, the type of ball does affect how well you shoot the basket. The grip must be just right for the person, along with the inflation of the ball, and several other characteristics, which affect how well you shoot a basket. Sometimes, it isn't the ball, but the way you shoot the ball.


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Q: Does the type of ball affect how well you shoot a basket?
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Does the type of stringing affect how you cradle or shoot the ball?

Yes, it also affects what kinds of shots you can do.

Example of a sphere?

* Basket ball * Marble * the earth * any type of ball

What is the root word in basketballs?

balls basket describes what type of ball it is

What does baskets mean in french?

a basket (to put things in) is translated "un panier" in French.The sport basketball is called "basket" or "basket-ball".The French also use "basket" to name a type of sport shoes (sneakers).

What is the name of the sport played in Florida where the players throw a ball with a basket type bat?

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Does the type of ball affect how far it rolls?

Yes it does as the type of ball effects how it interects with the world. That is how it reacts with the surface it is on or how it reacts with the air around it.

Can a basketball break a windshield?

depends on what type of basket ball you have. if it's a hard one and you throw it directly at the windshield, it will most likely break. :)

Does the type of soccer field affect the bounciness of a soccer ball?


How long has basket ball been played for?

Basketball has been around for 118 years. It was invented in 1891 by a physical education teacher, James Naismith. Basketball started out with two peach baskets attached to a ten foot railing and played with a soccer ball. Later in 1893 they introduced the iron hoops and the hammock type basket.

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What type of basket was used in the first game of basketball?

the first basket used was peach basket

Does the type of surface affect the distance a ball rolls?

Yes, of course. The smoother, the better.

How was basketball invetind?

Basketball was first invented by James Naismith. He first played with a football and had to throw it at a basket. Then later in the years, people changed the rules and the type of ball used.

What is the homophone for teem?

Teem and Team are homophones. Team means that your on a basket ball team or that your on some type of team. Teem means a swarm or abound and to be full of things.

What is basket cheese?

A Type Of Cheese A Type Of Cheese

Does the type of pitch affect how far the ball will go?

yes because the direction of the spin will allow to go farther of shorter depending of the type of pitch

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Does the different type of surface affect the distance a ball travels?

Yes. The viscosity, smoothness, slant, hardness and other factors of the surface would affect the distance a ball would travel. For example, a ball will travel much farther down a wet aluminum slide than up a sand dune.

Does the type of shoe affect the distance on the soccer ball?

No it does not. It is all about the placement of your foot and your leg strength

How does the type of tennis court affect ball speed?

Obeying the laws of physics, the speed of a tennis ball will increase with hard surfaces, such as cement, and decrease with soft surfaces, such as clay.

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Does the type of ball including different mass or inflatability affect how high the ball bounces?

Talking on the likeness of theory it is likely that different balls hence diffence in the matrial it is made of so yes it will affect the bounce

Does the texture of the floor affect the distance a ball travels?

yes because a rough surface may slow the ball down and a smooth syrface may let it keep going. {it also depends on the type of ball}

Does the weight of a softball bat affect the distance the ball is hit?

It has some effect. The distance of the ball is a combination of the speed of swing, power of swing, timing, speed of ball, type of spin ball has, and bat weight. Therefore, it doesn't completely rely on bat weight.

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The noun 'basket' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing.