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Yes, Cricket was played as an Olympic Sport in the 1900 Paris games. But due to lack of interest it was dropped. The reason why it has not featured since is because the IOC failed to recognise it as a sport! In 2007 this changed when the IOC provisionally recognised it as a sport. But the earliest games it could appear in will be 2020.

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Q: Can cricket be a olympic sport?
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Is cricket an Olympic sport?

cricket is not an olympic sport (i am not sure )

Is cricket a Olympic sport?

No cricket is not an Olympics sport (but i wish it could beee......)

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Why isn't cricket an Olympic sport?

i love cricket and i think that it should be an olympic sport however it already has its own world cup and alot of veryations to the game like 20/20 and test cricket and 1 day internationals

Should cricket be an Olympic sport?

yes poo bum

Has cricket ever been an olympic sport?

Unfortunately not but hopefully in the near future it will be.

How many kinds of sport were in the first Olympic Games?

every types such as cricket,badmintonetc...

How many gold medals has the Australian criket team won?

0. Cricket is not an Olympic Sport

Why isn't cricket in the Olympic Games?

For a sport to be included in the Olympics it must be widely played by men and women, in at least 75 and 50 countries, respectively and on four continents. Cricket doesn't have the global appeal but with the advent of Twenty20 Cricket, there are currently some moves to try and have cricket added for the 2020 Olympic Games.

When will cricket become an Olympic sport?

never because it has its own world cup never because it has its own world cup

What is the reason behind Cricket not qualifying for an Olympic sport anytime soon even though it appeared for trials at Asian Games?

My personal opinion is that cricket is a game and not a sport..... its too tame to be a sport and even tamer to be on the olympic stage.... Well then you just stand by the stumps & I'll get someone to bowl a cicket ball at you at 80 mph & then tell me it's too tame... but that doesn't disbar your opinion. But you wont even see the ball coming..... you'll not be surprised to read I think cricket is a great game, sorry Sport !

Why did cricket disqualify for an Olympic sport though it appeared for trials at Asian Games?

because it takes an long time to play this game

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What is the homophone of CRICKET?

Cricket as in the sport and cricket as in the animal

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