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every types such as cricket,badmintonetc...

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Q: How many kinds of sport were in the first Olympic Games?
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What are the first events in the Olympic Games?

a sport

Which sport was included in the first modern olympic games held in 1886?

Which sport was included in the first modern olympic games held in 1866

When did the olympic games for ice dance start?

First an Olympic sport in 1976.

When did gymnastic become and Olympics sport?

At the first Olympic games.

When did softball become an Olympic sport?

Softball's first year as an Olympic sport was 1996. Unfortunately, softball is being dropped as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Games in Beijing.

What was the first sport play ed in the first Olympic games?

eqann nn

What sport was the combination of five events in the first olympic games?


How do you decide on who goes first in a sport on the olympic games?

flip of the coin

Is snow boarding a olympic sport?

Yes it is now a sport at the Olympic Games.

What sport medal event for the first time at the 2000 Olympic Games?


What sport was a medal event for the first time at the 2000 Olympic Games?


What sport was first introduced at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games?

beach volleyball

Which sport gave us the first modern olympic games champion?


What sport was included in the first modern Olympic games held in 1896?


When did swimming became a sport in the Olympic games?

Swimming has been a sport in the Modern Olympics since the first Games in Athens in 1896.

Is squash an Olympic sport?

No, but it is a sport in the Commonwealth games.

What olympic sport was re-instated in 1988?

Tennis. The 1988 Games were the first Games that tennis was a medal sport since the 1924 Games in Paris.

What process does a sport go through to become an Olympic sport?

For a sport to be included in the Olympic Games, the sport must first be recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and this Federation has held a World Championship competition. There is more to it too.

When did the long jump become an Olympic sport?

It was a sport in the first Olympic.

Is wrestling the oldest sport?

yes and no.... it was in the first olympic games... but people ran first. But Wrestling is widely considered to be the oldest sport.

What sport first paired with coca cola?

We believe the Olympic Games first paired with Coca-Cola. But we don't know what sport.

Is riding in the Olympic games?

yes, riding is an olympic sport

When did tennis become an olympic sport?

Tennis was included as an Olympic sport in the very first Games in 1896. It was dropped from the schedule after the 1924 Games, and was reinstated as a medal sport in 1988, having also had 2 Olympics previously where it was played as a demonstration sport.

What sport gave Australia it's first modern Olympic Games Champion?


Why was the first Olympics held?

The Greeks were know for sport so they started the Olympic games