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Co2 guns can use air tanks, however guns meant to run on HPA should not be switched to CO2

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Q: Can compressed air tanks be used for a CO2 gun?
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Can you put compressed air in a CO2 tank?

no, and do not try it is a very dangerous idea, the CO2 tanks are not built to handle the kinds of pressures the HPA tanks are

Who sells compressed air tanks?

There are a lot of good sites for co2 tanks. One that I prefer is they have a lot to choose from in many different sizes. They also have many other things besides co2 tanks.

Why were air tanks invented?

Air tanks were invented to hold compressed air.

Can a spyder mr1 take different CO2 tanks?

Yes. Standard 9oz through 20oz CO2 tanks work perfectly with the MR1. Compressed air paintball systems work fine too, with a regulator.

What are paint ball air tanks?

Well that could either mean the CO2 tanks or the HPA tanks. Both are used as a propellant for the marker.

Can co2 painball gun be adapted to use compressed air?

Yes, the tanks have the same size fitting to connect them... Co2 is hard on the seals so may want to go through and replace them...

Can paintball air tanks be used with any paintball marker?

When you say air tanks, I believe you mean compressed air? If so, then yes, it can be used with exceptions to a select few of paintball markers that use mini CO2 tanks. This should not be confused with CO2, in many cases CO2 can/will ruin a high end marker because it is basically a liquid that can freeze the internals of your marker.just fyi those mini so2 tanks are called cartridges, there are generally 9 and 12g versions of them, also there were a few markers back in the day that REQUIRE co2 and will not work off of HPA but your chances of getting one of these markers are very very slim

Who invented the compressed air tank for paint ball?

Compressed air tanks were around long before paintball.

Do you need co2 for paintball guns?

You need either Co2 or Compressed air for a paintball gun to function. Every gun can run on compressed air, but only some can run on Co2.

How do firefighters keep their oxygen tanks safe?

Firefighters do not carry oxygen tanks; they carry air tanks. The materials used in the compressed air cylinders is very hard and durable for use in fire situations.

Can you bring Co2 tanks on a plane?

You can not bring Co2 tanks on a air plane. As it could be used as a explosive, so it would be confiscated when you get checked going through the X-Ray.

What propelleds your paint ball?

co2 or compressed air

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