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No, back row players can not leave to hit the ball.

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Katheryn Barrows

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โˆ™ 2022-02-12 16:52:29
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Q: Can back row players the floor to hit the ball?
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Can back row players leave the floor to hit the ball?

No, back row players can not leave to hit the ball.

Can a ball hit the floor before hitting the it back over the net after a serve?

No, in volleyball the ball cannot hit the floor once it is served or else it is considered a"dead" ball.

How do you play the game of volley ball?

Well you have 6 players on the court and hit the ball a max. of 3 times for it to cross the net. Dont let it hit the floor

Can the ball hit the floor when serving a racquetball?

Yes. The ball MUST hit the floor one time when serving.

What is a back lift?

The term back lift is a word used by cricket players. This is used when a cricket player lifts his bat when he is going to hit the ball.

What is a hit in volleyball?

A hit is the same thing as a spike, where you flick your wrist to make it face the floor, pushing the ball to the floor.

Are you allowed to snatch or hit the ball out of the players hand IN NETBALL?


What sport do players on horseback hit the ball with a mallet?


What does volleyball have to do with friction?

actually volleyball has alot to do with friction. when you are getting ready to hit the ball there is friction between the floor and your feet. then, when you hit the ball there is friction between your feet and the floor but also between your hands and the ball. now is the ball goes low and you hit it you would be using alot of friction because there would be friction between your body and the floor, the volley ball and your hands and maybe the ball and the floor. hope this answers your question!

What Digging in volleyball?

The word digging in volleyball stands for when you are going down and hit the floor with your kneepads and hit the floor and bump the ball!!! Also most people call the person out in the "left back" they are called diggers which they dig the balls they get on there knees and hit it!!**A "dig" is when a ball is spiked from the opposing side, and a player "dives" to get or pass up the ball, and is successful.

What is the name of the Maya noble ball game?

The name of the Maya ball game was Pok-a-Tok, they named it this because it resembles the sound of the ball being hit back and forth between players.

In racquetball I hit the ball high off of the front wall and it hits the back wall in the air then hits the floor and then hits the front wall again before my opponent hits the ball can they play it?

Yes, they are required to hit the ball before it hits the floor a second time ... no matter how may walls it hits.

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