Can back row players leave the floor to hit the ball?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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No, back row players can not leave to hit the ball.

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Q: Can back row players leave the floor to hit the ball?
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Can back row players the floor to hit the ball?

No, back row players can not leave to hit the ball.

How does a referee check if the ball is correctly inflated?

to check if a basketball or any ball is inflated properly, the referee must bounce the ball on the floor to see if it comes back up to a appropriate height for the players. :)

What is it called when a defense that has players guard an area of the floor in baseket ball?

Zone Defense

Why do tennis players return the tennis ball back to opponent?

Tennis players must serve or return the tennis ball back to opponent in order to continue the tennis game.

Can a ball hit the floor before hitting the it back over the net after a serve?

No, in volleyball the ball cannot hit the floor once it is served or else it is considered a"dead" ball.

Why does a ball bounce higher on floor than rug?

Because the cushion of the rug slows the impact of the ball hitting the floor, but the floor is flat and hard so then the ball doesn't have anything to be cushioned with and bounces back up.

Why does my basketball coach say What is in your pocket during an in game jump ball when the other team gets the possession?

He is asking you who is in your section of the floor to guard. He is mainly letting you know and reminding you to guard the opposing players and not to leave your zone.

In soccer if the goalkeeper picks up the ball and bounces it 3 times do the players have to leave the box?


How do you play the game of volley ball?

Well you have 6 players on the court and hit the ball a max. of 3 times for it to cross the net. Dont let it hit the floor

Is it legal to yell 'leave' in soccer to cause a player on the other team to leave the ball for you?

yes it is but most players aren't stupid enough to leave unlss they see a teamate .

If you drop a rubber ball on the floor it bounces back up what force acts on the ball to provide the bounce?

gravity, compretion

What is dig in volleyball?

Someone has to 'dig' from a ball when it is almost to drop on the floor. What you do is, you dive towards the ball with your arm stretched out and try to get underneath the ball. Then flatten out your hand and lay it on the floor; the ball will fall on top and will jump back up and play can continue.