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Yes, but they will get penaltized

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Q: Can an offensive lineman catch a pass in football?
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Can any player catch the football?

No, the offensive line can't catch a pass

Using nfhs football rules is an offensive lineman illegally downfield during a screen pass?

I cannot speak to those specific rules of football, but in general, lineman are allowed to be downfield on any pass where the ball is caught BEHIND the line of scrimmage.

Can an offensive lineman be down field on a screen pass?


Can a lineman catch the ball and run with it if it is not touched?

The linemen can only get it on a fumble or a bad pass.

Who are the only people able to catch the football in football?

All players except interior offensive linemen are eligible to receive a pass. This includes quarterbacks, punters and kickers.

Can the center ever catch a pass My son is the center and long snapper for his high school team and claims they have a play that has him catching a pass?

Offensive lineman are not allowed past the line of scrimmage prior to a pass. He could catch a screen pass behind the line though. Or they'd have to declare him eligible before the play. When I played flag football we used to do center sneaks. The ball has to touch the QB hands to be considered a hand off though. I don't think that would work well in tackle football, but in flag football where they only had a couple people rushing you could easily get 5-10 yards before anyone noticed.

What is the setting of the book catch that pass?

football stadium

What is a line backer in football?

He is a backup for the devensive lineman.. he can pass cover and tackle.. they are usaully big and strong.. and very fast.

What are some football adverbs?

run or jump catch or pass

Which football players can catch a pass?

The running backs and wide receivers can catch the ball and so can the quarter back if it is a halfback or receiver option designed to go to him. The tight ends can also catch a pass too. A lineman can also catch the ball but that is only if it touches a defender first. To be more specific: By rule, the eligible receivers are the two players on either end of the offensive line (usually wide receivers or tight ends) and any of the players in the backfield (including all backs and flankers who are at least one yard off the line of scrimmage).

What is it called when a defensive player catches an offensive pass in football?


What is the function of a football?

The football is used to play a sport called football. You can catch,kick,hold, and pass also.

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