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No, an eligible receiver past the line of scrimmage can never intentionally advance the ball in any way other than running with it. He can bat or throw it backwards, but if he goes forward with it it's either an illegal bat or a forward lateral.

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Q: Can an NFL player catch the ball and throw it forward if only one foot is on the ground?
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Can the quarter catch a batted ball he threw and throw it again?

American football rules dictate that there can be only one forward pass per play. Should the quarterback throw a forward pass that is deflected by another player he may catch the ball but may not attempt another forward pass.

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What are the rules for lateral passes?

There are no restrictions to a lateral pass. Since a lateral is not considered a forward pass, it cannot be 'incomplete' ... if the ball hits the ground play continues as if the ball was fumbled. If the player that catches the lateral pass is behind the line of scrimmage, they may then attempt a forward pass. While there can be only one forward pass on a play, there may be an unlimited number of lateral passes on a play. Any player on the team may throw a lateral pass and any player on the team may catch a lateral pass.

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Is a self-pass illegal in football?

Well if you mean that you throw it and catch it, and it doesn't move forward, than yes it is completely legal in football. Although if you throw it and move the ball forward, or over the line of scrimmage it is considered a penalty for 'Advancement of Ball', which is illegal in flag, tackle, and NFL rules.

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