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a warrior head can fit on any shaft it might be a bit loose though and you might have to drill a new hole.

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Q: Can a warrior lacrosse heads only fit on warrior shafts?
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Can the brine rocket head fit on a maverik wonderboy lacrosse shaft?

any mens head can fit on any mens shaft. i put warrior, brine and gait heads on STX and harrow shafts all the time. the only thing that is different between different brands is where the screw hole is located but alot of people just tape their heads on their shafts anyway. i however are one of those people who like to screw their heads on their shafts but i have found that i can drill a new hole myself by using a 1/8 drill bit. it makes the perfect sized hole for the screw. please add me to your saved sellers on ebay, ihave awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

Do warrior ak27 blades only fit warrior ak27 shafts?

No they fit all standard shafts.

Where can you buy easton lacrosse shafts?

Easton lacrosse shafts only have prototypes out so far so you cant get them yet unless your on some teams

Does the brine E3 fit on the warrior maverick wonder boy?

Yes, all heads fit on all shafts, unless you have a Gait with a 10 degree offset head in which case only the TOS heads work on those

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch 2x fit on?

the brine clutch head will fit on any brine lacrosse shafts. I have the Clutch on my brine swizzebeat. i recommended this shaft its is light gripy and cheap. it is only 80 dollars

Can a lacrosse defensive shaft be shorter than 6 feet?

Yes, in men's lacrosse only two of the defensive shafts are long pole

Can any lacrosse head fit on a stx scti shaft?

Any head will fit on any shaft. But if you but a head on a shaft that is a different brand than the shaft, you may need to drill a new hole into the shaft. The only exceptions are the STX Crankshaft shafts which need certain heads.

Can a 2002 jeep be towed on a dolly?

Only with drive shafts removed.Only with drive shafts removed.

What are the Types of lacrosse cleats?

There are two ways to fix this problem: 1) Specially designed cleats for lacrosse only, such a warrior's burn 2.0. Even though there is a limited amount of lacrosse cleats, big companies are coming out with cleats specially for lacrosse. Such as the new Nike talons. 2) Use football cleats specially made for turf, grass, etc. They are not made for lacrosse, but as in football, they are light, good for cutting, and have good protection for your ankles.

What are the smallest lacrosse shoulder pads?

There are many types and brands that advertise "liners" or "speed" versions of pads, but I have found that only a few are worth the dollar. First, I recommend the Maverik Maybach Speed Liners. They are light and comfortable, as advertised. Second, I recommend the Warrior MPG UltraLyte 8.0 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad which are your best bet for some protection, but less than the Maveriks. Lastly, I recommend this unconventional method of getting comfortable, but compact pads: Warrior MPG 4.5 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad. Don't "diss" this idea just because they are "beginner" pads. I actually still wear these because they are so small and compact. When you get them in, you need to cut the shoulder sum and plastic piece off nearest the neck. This oprion is the cheapest and in my opinion, most comfortable way to go. Warrior MPG 4.5 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad- Maverik Maybach Speed Liners:

Could you put an STX Bionic Lacrosse head on a STX crank shaft 7075?

No. The Crankshaft 7075 only works with specific heads, and a Bionic won't fit right.

Should you dril holes in your lacrosse head?

I would say no. Not only would that ruin the structural integrity of the head but heads are designed to be ideal for aerodynamics and the holes would effect that.

How are men's and womne's lacrosse different?

Men's and Women's lacrosse vary in many ways, for one girls use the traditional stringing patter for their heads while Men's use mesh to string their sticks. Women's shafts are solid but men's are typically hollow. In girl's they are'nt permitted body checks and wear only goggles and elbows for protection. Men are allowed to body check and wear heavier paddings for gloves helmets, elbow, chest, shoulder and rarely but on ocassion rib pads. For the pocket of their lacrosse head Men's can have as deep until you can see the top of the ball, Girl's have to be so shallow that you arent permitted to be able to see the bottom of the ball. These are the big differences but there are many other small procedures that vary widely between the two gender's sport.

What is the game Lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse is played with metal sticks with plastic heads and nets at the end of them. You play with a 5 oz. rubber ball. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opposing teams 6 ft. x 6ft. goal by only using your stick. The sport is very similar to hockey on land.

What is the tip of a golf club shaft?

The tip is the section of the shaft which goes into the head of a club. Different club heads have different tip sizes so can only take certain shafts. The most common tip sizes are .335 inches and .350 inches.

Is there only one drive axle on a 94 dodge caravan?

there are axle shafts on the left and right fronts.there are axle shafts on the left and right fronts.

How do you a get warriorcat?

A warrior is born. You only get a warrior if your lucky.

Should a 7th grade girl play eighth grade boys lacrosse?

Unfortunately not. Girls lacrosse is almost a completely different sport compared to boys lacrosse. Not only will you be physically unable to play boys lacrosse, they will not allow it. Sorry

Why is lacrosse not an olympic sport?

Because lacrosse is only played in America, not many countries are able to pay for all the equipment.

Is lacrosse a sport you play all year round?

only is youre playing select lacrosse, therefore it may be indoor at times.....if you play a regular season lacrosse, it is not all year round

What is the only sport where there are 'no out play' lines?


How much do you get paid when you play lacrosse?

For MLL (Major League Lacrosse) you get paid about $13,000 a year but it is only a 3 month season.

Who were the first teams to play lacrosse?

they were originated native american. it has been said that lacrosse is therefore the only true american sport.

What is a good lacrosse shaft for a better price?

If you're a girl you can get a STX crankshaft for maybe $60. For guys, you can get any legit crankshaft from $80-100. Or you can just go ahead and get a whole crank stick from $90-125. And I think guys sticks can go anywhere from $125 to $200. I use the crankshaft STX Rave. EDIT: Crankshafts are overpriced and overrated. If you get a crankshaft, you can only use crankshaft heads and shafts of which there are few. My tip is to buy used. As long as a shaft has no dents and a head isn't warped, you can buy it. Try buying from teammates who are graduating or no longer play lacrosse. You can usually buy their stick off of them. If not, go to a used sports goods store. You can buy good quality gear at usually ~30% off.

What is a good lacrosse head for a midi that is NCAA 2010 legal?

Well, it depends. there are alot of universal heads that are legal. but if your looking for 2010 legal. then there are alot. theres the razer x, the evo x, the spyne x, the helix x, the voyce x. those are most of the heads that are legal. then theres the new heads such as the brine gospel. most of them are expensive, but if you play d1, d2, d3, then theyre all worth it. but those specificiations only apply to ncaa, not high school (nfhs)