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I would like to think not, but I guess anything is possible. i do not mean by a gun . i mean if a ball or bat should hit him

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Q: Can a umpire get killed when is behide the plate?
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When the home plate umpire is behind the plate is he in fair territory?

No. The Home Plate Umpire, the Catcher, and the Batters are in foul territory, because they are all positioned behind the foul lines.

Which umpire can call an ifield fly rule?

Normaly either the first base umpire or the second base umpire... i have seen the home plate umpire call it!

Where does an umpire like to sit when he is eating dinner?

behind the plate

Who is the umpire for the Wimbledon match today?

There is no umpire in volleyball! There is an R1, otherwise known as an up ref who calls all the rules.

Is the home plate umpire forced to ask his base umpires if the batter swung the bat?

No it is up to the plate umpire if he wants assistance from the base umpire. Even if you request it he can deny that request and make the call himself.

How do you remove caliper anchor plate on ford van?

There should be 2 big bolts that hold it in place behide the anchor inside plate area.

IN baseball who is behind the catcher?

The Home Plate Umpire...

Can you make a sentence out of umpire?

the umpire's of the games are really honest..........................

What do they call a person that calls a softball game?

They are called Umpires. One is the plate umpire, one is the field umpire.

Does a home plate umpire make more money than a first base umpire?

The home plate umpire position does not pay more or less than the umpires in the field. In the Major Leagues, umpires are paid off of their tenure and performance in the league. The 4 umpires typically rotate their postions. After umpiring behing the plate, an umpire will typically umpire the 1st base position in the next game. He will move to 2nd and then 3rd in the following games before being back behind the plate again.

Home plate umpire is resposible for what calls?

The home plate umpire calls whether pitches are strikes or balls. He also calls plays made on home plate. He also tells batters to walk if they are hit with a pitch.

Can field ump call a hit by pitch?

YES but he should do so after a conference with the home plate umpire. The idea is to get the call right and if the base umpire saw something the home plate umpire did not see he should confer with the the plate ump to get it right.