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Once a basket is scored, as long as it is done before the other team can start the throwing motion!!

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Q: Can a team call a time out after making a basket?
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Can the team that makes a basket call a time out after they score?

Yes. if the play is dead.

Can the defense call time out after a made basket?


How many staring players on a basket ball team?

5 on the court at a time.

When can you call a time out in basketball?

A coach can only call time out when his team has the ball, he cannot call it once the other team has it. A player can also call time out.

How many player in basket ball?

their are 5 players on each team at a time a team can have as many players as they want

Who determines which basket a team will shoot at during the first half and after the half this is for the nba?

the home team always takes the rim closest to their locker room in the first half and they switch sides at half time ^|This answer is incorrect FROM THE NBA WEBSITE:a. A team's basket consists of the basket ring and net through which its players try to shoot the ball. The visiting team has the choice of baskets for the first half. The basket selected by the visiting team when it first enters onto the court shall be its basket for the first half.

Which basket does the home team shoot in during each half?

During the first half of the game, the visiting team chooses the basket they want when they take the court. At half time, they always switch which basket they attack. This is the same for the NBA, the WNBA, and college basketball.

When can you call a time out?

As far as college ball and the NBA are concerned, a team may call a time out when they are in possession of the ball or during a dead ball. A team may not call time out when they are on defense.

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Can bench call a time out in basketball?

Yes the bench can call time out as long as their team is in possession of the ball

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