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Any player can receive a lateral or more formerly a backward pass. So the player does not need to be an eligilable receiver to receive a backward pass, unlike the rules for a forward pass.

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Q: Can a runner lateral the ball back to a lineman in football?
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What are the offense position in football?

running back,quarterback,offensive lineman,wide receiver,tight end,full back

Can a Runner cross the line of scrimmage then lateral the ball back to the Quarterback can the Quarterback then make a forward pass?

It depends on whether the runner is fat or not. Does that answer your question?

Who are the people in a football game?

the people in football games are quarterbacks, running back, linebacker, offensive lineman, defensive linemen, and wide receiver.

Which football term is defined as a lateral tossed from a quarterback to a running back?


Can a running back pitch the ball back to someone else past the line of scrimmage?

Yes. A backwards lateral is always allowed in football.

Can an offensive lineman grab the back of a defensive lineman's helmet and throw them to the ground?

No, it would be holding (if he was caught)

Can a lineman be a running back?

A lineman and a running back are two very different things. It is possible for one person to play both positions, but otherwise, no, the two are not related

What do linemen in football do?

Offensive Lineman are in charge of blocking for the quarterback so he won't get sacked. Or for the running back or fullback so they won't get tackled in the backfield.Defensive Lineman are in charge of avoiding a block from the offense to make a play in the back field in regards to a sack or tackle for a loss. Some can pick off passes-which means to intercept it.

High school football positions?

Quarterback (qb) widereciever (wr) offensive lineman (iforgot) runningback (rb) tide end (te) the one blocks the rb this is offense. Defense lineback (lb) safety (s) defensive lineman and cover back (cb) the who covers wr

What term means back?

lateral means back

How far back can the offensive lineman be from the ball?

No more than 2 yards.

How do you run a screen pass in American football?

After the ball is snapped (hiked), a running back will slip out of the backfield (he may throw a quick block to fake the rushers) to a spot still behind the line of scrimmage. 2-or 3 lineman will throw a quick block & then release their man (they are blocking) & slide out to an area still behind the line of scrimmage but in front of the running back. The quarterback drops back (all of this happens simultaneously) & tosses a short pass to the running back (who yells to the lineman that he now has the ball with some sort of signal, ie; "GO") who then follows the lineman down the field. The lineman must not go downfield until they hear the signal or they will be hit with a penalty for ineligible man down field.

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