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Q: Can a runner going from 1st to 2nd advance on a 4th ball even though the pitch was not called yet and the runner was out?
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If the bases are loaded with one out and the batter hits a ground ball - which hits his runner who is going from 1st to 2nd - does the runner on third advance to score?

I would say the runner is called out (would be Out #2) and the runner on third could advance to score. However, if there were two outs, the runner would be called out (Out #3) and therefore, the runner on 3rd would not be able to score (unless of course he crossed home plate before the runner got hit by the ground ball, then it would count)

Can you get 6 hits and no runs?

yes, single, single and the runner is thrown out trying to advance from first to third, 1 out, single and the runner is thrown out trying to advance to third, 2 out, single runner to 2nd, single runners to second and third, a line drive to left and they throw the runner out going to second but it is ruled a single.

If there are runners on second and third and two outs and the runner from second tries to score on a single but is called out on an appeal does the first run count?

When the ball hits the baserunner it is a dead ball at the runner the ball hit is out. The batter is credited with a single. Since the batter is given a single, any baserunner required to advance will advance, however, no runners ahead of the runner who was out will advance: i.e bases loaded, the runner at 2nd is hit by the ball, the runner at 2nd is out, the runner at 1st goes to 2nd and the batter goes to first. the runner at 3rd does not get to advance, he will stay at 3rd, so the bases will remain loaded runners at 2nd and 3rd, -- the ball hits the guy at 3rd base (while he is in fair territory), runner at 3rd is out, runner at 2nd returns to 2nd, and batter goes to first, you now have runners on 1st and 2nd hope this helps

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Is it still a force play at second base if the batter reaches first base before the force play is made at second base?

Yes it would still be a force play at 2nd base, since the runner going from 1st to 2nd is required to advance (since the runner going to first, has not been put out yet)

How many bases does the runner get on a overthrown baseball?

For an overthrown ball that winds up out of play (in the stands or dugout), each runner may advance one base. If an overthrown ball does not go out of play but is kicked out of play or by some other means is put out of play, runners may advance two bases. This very, very rarely occurs but lets say there is a routine ground ball to the shortstop and he makes a poor throw to first base that gets by the first baseman and comes to rest in front of the dugout. The catcher runs over to retrieve the ball and, in his haste, kicks the ball into the dugout. In this case, runners may advance two bases.

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What happens when runner is going back to tag up but ball is over throne and he advances to next base with out taging up?

if the ball was caught and the runner never tagged up then the defending team can throw to whatever base the runner didnt tag from and appeal to whichever umps call it was to see if the runner tagged up. If the ump did not see the runner go back and tag and team has appealed to him then the runner will be called out.

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being stoopfid

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