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Only in one situation and that is if he can convince the umpires that he suffered an injury between the time he was called in and the time the batter enters the batter's box (like during his warmup pitches). Otherwise, he must pitch to at least one batter.

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Q: Can a relief pitcher be substituted before he throws any pitches?
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How do you determine the winning pitcher when the starting pitcher leaves before completing the 5th inning?

The win goes to the relief pitcher (assuming there was more than one relief pitcher) whom the official scorer feels was most instrumental in the victory. That relief pitcher must pitch at least 1 full inning, or pitch a crucial out if he pitches less than one inning.

How many warm up pitches does a minor league relief pitcher get upon entering the game?

Pitchers in MLB and the minor leagues get eight warmup pitches when entering a game unless they are entering the game due to an injury to the previous pitcher. If the previous pitcher was injured the relieving pitcher may take as many warmup pitches as the umpire deems necessary. Rule 8.03

Does the new pitcher in the top of the seventh inning of a 1-0 ballgame get the win or a save?

If the relief pitcher pitches 3 innings, and completes the game, and never gave up the lead, he would get a save.

When does a pitcher get charged for the win?

yes, if he is the starting pitcher he has to go a minimum of 5 innings and his team has to be leading when he exits the game and never lose their lead and win the game. A pitcher can win in relief if he comes in when the game is tied or his team is losing, and his team rallies after he pitches and win the game, but they can't give up their lead after he pitches or he won't get the win someone else will get the win

How many pitches does a pitcher need to be eligible for a win in 9 inning game?

Pitch count has nothing to do with eligibility to be the winning pitcher. In a scheduled 9-inning game, the starting pitcher must pitch 5 complete innings to be eligible to be the winning pitcher. Relief pitchers must be the pitcher of record when the winning team takes the lead, and never relinquishes the lead, to be the winning pitcher.

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