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Yes because depending on your swing speed the shaft can be too flexed at impact which causes the face and shaft of ur driver to be open. A faster swing speed needs an x stiff shaft

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Q: Can a regular flex shaft cause a slice?
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Related questions

Is a flex shaft a regular shaft?

A regular shaft has regular flex.

Would a stiffer golf shaft hook or slice more - Exactly the same shaft except for flex?

A golf shaft which is too stiff will cause a slice. This is because the shaft is too stiff for you to square the club face at impact. You can get custom fit to see which flex is best for you, as a shaft which is not fitted correctly can affect your game.

What is firm shaft flex?

Callaway make this shaft flex, it is designed in between a regular flex and stiff flex shaft.

The shafts on ping golf clubs are stiff flex regular flex and soft regular flex are the soft regular flex the old seniors flex?

Hi....I have played Ping clubs for serveral years..and yes the Ping soft regular shaft is equivilant to the senior shaft or A flex of many shaft designations.

What is a senior flex?

It has more flexibility than a regular or still flex shaft.

What does SR flex in shaft of Callaway Big Bertha Diablo driver stand for?

A wise man's guess would be Stiff Regular flex, between Stiff flex and Regular flex.

What does 60 stiff flex mean?

Stiff flex is simply a stiff graphite shaft. The flex of the shaft is basically how whippy it is, stiff has a little whip in it, but less than a regular. 60 would be the weight of the shaft, 60 grams.

What does SR flex in golf shafts stand for?

Without knowing the shaft it is harder to say, but an educated guess would suggest soft regular, so more flexible than a regular shaft.

What is the difference between Uniflex and flex in a golf club shaft?

A Uniflex is a flex between regular and stiff, a bit more on the stiff side.

What does intermediate flex mean for golf drivers?

Means the stiffness of the shaft. It is for slower swing speeds. However I tend to reverse that thinking. Rather than matching a shaft flex to benefit a swing speed I match shafts to prevent damage to a swing. Anyone can swing a stiff flex and suffer no real ill effects. The worst that can happen is that you are accurate and maybe a bit shorter (not much) However not everyone can use a whippy shaft flex. The balls will be sprayed all over the place. I bought a Driver on ebay that had an intermediate flex. I sprayed balls to the right and even got a slice back that I had not seen in years. After a few trips on the course it was enough of the intermediate flex. I removed it today and replaced it with a regular flex.

What does 5.0 rifle on a callaway shaft mean?

It is a Rifle shaft or Rifle Project X, a very very popular shaft, 5.0 plays very close to regular flex.

What is an m flex on a golf shaft?

The different Letters on a golf shaft are the flex of the club. In order from stiff to soft: X - EXtra Stiff S - Stiff R - Regular A or M - Senior (Amateur or Mature) L - Ladies. The letters may be combined to show in-between ratings, such as SR (Stiff/Regular).

What is the difference between the callaway uniflex shaft and the stiff flex shaft?

Uniflex is a firmish-R flex shaft (usually made by True Temper). Not as stiff as a stiff-flex steel shaft from True Temper. But stiffer than an R flex True Temper shaft.

What shaft can be substituted W54 ping graphite shaft?

You can replace that shaft with any on the market. Since that shaft came with the Ping ISI Irons and had a firm flex, since the W44 were regular, you should get a stiff shaft put in for a replacement.

What is the difference between regular flex and stiff flex iron shafts?

The flex of a shaft can be varied depending on the needs of the golfer. Stronger golfers tend to swing faster and therefore need a stiffer shaft to keep the club head from lagging too far behind. Seniors and ladies can benefit from a more flexible shaft that helps compensate for the slower swing speed. Shaft flex is important for woods and the longer irons, but has less effect on the shorter irons. Any good golf pro can analyze your swing and tell you what degree of shaft flex you need. Good luck.

If the shaft on a club is to flexiable for your swing will you slice the ball or hook it?

Sorry, but if your shafts are too flexible for your swing speed, it can cause you problems. But it depends on other mechanics of your swing whether it causes the ball to move left or right. Talk to a PGA pro. You will hook it, because if you swing to fast for the shafts flex rating it will put too much of a load, or too much flex into the shaft and what happens is that the shaft will unload faster or release to quickly and the club head will beat you hands and body back to the ball, so the shaft will now be flexing the other way which means the clubhead will be closed or shut at impact, causing a slice. A shaft that is too stiff for you causes a slice because the opposite happens, and you can't put enough of a load on the shaft and it won't release fast enough so your hands and body beat the clubhead to the ball and when the club gets there it hasn't fully release enough so the clubface will be open causing a slice.

Which hockey stick flex is stiffer mid or regular?

The regular flex is a stiffer flex than the mid flex. A regular flex is comparable to an 85 flex. The mid flex is closer to a 75 flex.

How do you replace a Weed eater FL 20 flex shaft?

i need to replace the flex shaft in my weedeater. how do i do it?

How fast do you need to swing to hit a uniflex shaft?

Golfers with iron swings between 80-90 miles per hour are well suited to play a regular flex shaft

What is True Temper pro fit Golf Shaft?

It is a steel shaft by True Temper- mine is on a Lee Trevino LTD 3 Iron by faultless. It has a regular flex .Has 1.5" steps up and down the shaft. Feels a bit more stiff than a regular flex. This is an older club but the shaft/head are nice.only other info given on mine is light weight action. labels are black and gold. Back from the old blades type heads. About all I have on it..

Can you get more distance with a stiff shaft?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the way you swing. It is widely believed that a slow swinger would get more distance with a softer shaft. Flex only determines where the clubface is at impact. If you have a fast swing speed and a regular flex shaft, you will put too much load on that shaft and it will release or un-load too soon, so the clubhead will be closed or shut at impact causing you to hook it. A slower swing speed with a stiff shaft causes a slice because you are not able to put enough of a load into that shaft so it will not release fast enough, so when you get back to impact it hasn't released fully meaning the clubhead will be open. Shaft has nothing to do with distance, the ball you play and hitting it square will get you the distance.

The shaft flex is measured by?

Shaft flex is determined by the vibration frequency-- this is measured by fixing the shaft's butt and attaching a 10-ounce weight on its tip and then vibrate it to its vertical direction.

What is the difference between regular flex and senior flex in golf shafts?

Something labeled senior flex will probably be more flexible than regular. There is no real standardization among shaft makers, but typically they are ordered (from most to least flexible) L - Ladies A - Senior R - Regular S - Stiff X - eXtra stiff The rule of thumb is that slower swingers do better with more flexible shafts, because if timed right the flex can add some power and height to the shot. The "A" designation between Ladies and Regular flex doesn't stand for anything in particular. They couldn't use "S" for the Senior flex because it was already being used as the designation for "Stiff" flex. The abbreviation for Senior, "Sr.", could also be confused with a "Regular/Stiff" flex. So in an attempt to avoid confusion (or possibly add a little), the letter "A" was decided upon as the designation for the Senior flex shaft.

How does one know what flex to use for golf clubs?

There is no exact science, the flex of shaft you need corresponds to your swing speed. The faster your swing the stiffer the flex you will need. The only way of really knowing for definite is to get on a launch monitor and try a variety of shafts in a variety of flexes, all manufacturers will have a different standard for how they define each flex, so just because you are a stiff in a Diamana doesn't necessarily mean you will be a stiff in an Aldila. Also, shafts come in a variety of weighs, a heavier shaft will play ever so slightly stiffer than a lighter one. One simple way of giving you an idea of if a shaft is right for you is analysing your shot patterns. If you constantly hook the ball then the shaft could be too flexible, i.e you need a stiffer shaft, if you constantly slice the ball, the shaft could be too stiff and you need a more flexible shaft, i.e a regular shaft. Graphite shafts also different tips on them, a soft tip helps promote of higher launch angle, where a stiffer tip promotes a lower one. Very simple stuff I know, but all shafts stick to the same sort of ideas, on a shaft you will see; manufacturer, model, flex, weight and tip flex, these all help you see what sort of shaft it is. I would recommend if you are a beginner to use regular shafts to start with and see how you get on. I do highly recommend that all golfers if getting new clubs hit as many as possible trying as many different lofts and flexes as they want, custom fitting is usually free and the shops are more than happy to help.

What is a senior flex shaft?

A senior flex shaft is a very flexible lightweight golf shaft which is ideal for senior golfers. They usually have a low kick point which is ideal to get the ball in the air with the slower swing speeds of a senior golfer.