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I am a referee, and i can only tell you that it depends on the ref. I would first tell the player to play on. If then the player continues to delay, i would then caution the player for deliberately delaying the game after being told to play. And then would add that time to the end of the game.

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Q: Can a referee caution a player who delays the taking of a free kick by standing less than ten yards from the ball?
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Can a referee caution a player who delays the taking of a freekick by standing less than ten yards from the ball?

Yes, because the player can either be asked to move back and do so, or stay there and not listen to the referee. If the player does not listen to the referee he/she wil be cautioned.

Can a player be cautioned after the match has ended?

The referee is allowed to caution or send off a player or substitute after a match has ended. In most leagues, the resulting consequences (i.e. sitting out future matches) will be the same.Even if a card is not shown, say a referee is approached in the parking lot, the behavior will still be included the game report and the consequences would still be the same. Showing the card is merely a method of communicating. The referee's failure to do so does not absolve the player from the consequences of their actions.

What sanctions do referees have to deal with poor behavior in English football?

A referee may verbally warn, caution, or send off a player or substitute. The latter two options must be documented in the match report.

What happens if a basketball player swears at the referee whilst walking to the bench?

The referee has the right to smack that player in the face

Can an assistant referee issue a yellow card?

A yellow card is shown when a player is cautioned in a match. A player or substitute receiving two cautions in the same match is sent off, which is signaled by showing the player a red card. A player that is sent off may not be replaced (i.e., his team must "play short").

How officials communicate in badminton?

if the referee tells the player stop the player should do what the referee says

What is the Two yellow cards rule in football?

A first yellow card is shown by the referee to the player guilty of an infringement. If the same player warrants a second yellow card later on in the game, the referee will show the second yellow card, and will then immediately show a red card and send the player off the pitch.

What is a referee's warning to a player in soccer called?

It usually is called a penalty and is showed by a yellow flag.

Did any football referee give a red card to himself?

A referee can only show cards to players, and since the referee himself is not a player he cannot receive red cards. A referee may remove themselves of their duties if they are unable to continue.

Can you show a yellow card to a player before the game in the changing rooms?

No, a yellow card cannot be shown before a Football Match although a red card can be shown before a match if the player(s) is being violent or be a total ***hole. I hope i helped HC16

An attacking player is in the penalty are with just the goal keeper in front of them the attacker is tripped from behind by a defender What action would you take as a referee?

There is usually a bit of jostling during the set up for a corner kick, but if it's a bit too rough, the referee can verbally warn the players. If there is a blatant shove that the referee deems is a foul, the referee should blow his whistle and either caution (yellow card) the offending player or, if it is serious enough and violent enough, send off (red card) the offending player. (Naturally if it's a second caution, a send off will be issued.) After that issue is dealt with, the corner kick will be taken. The ball was not in play at the time of the foul. It will be put back in play the way it was going to be before the violation of the Laws took place. The violation of Law 12, the pushing, was dealt with in a manner consistent with the opinion of the referee. The corner is taken. Law 9 dealing with the ball being in or out of play (it was out of play) subordinates Law 12 as far as what happens regarding the resumption of play in this situation.

Can a referee caution or send off a player before the kick-off of the game and if so for what kind of offenses?

Yes. The offenses would be the same ones that he could give out during the match. Abusive language, unsporting behavior, and violent conduct just to name a few.