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Of course not! Any form of touching the net while the point is in play will result in you loosing the point and the opposition winning.

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Q: Can a racket hit the tennis net after hitting the ball on a follow through?
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What are the basics for all good ground tennis strokes?

My tennis tutor taught me to keep the racket face vertical and go through the hit as though you are hitting 4 balls. At the start, the middle, the actual ball and the follow through.

Should you use a racquetball racquet to play tennis?

No,a racquetball racket is too light for playing tennis. You can not bear the hitting power of a tennis ball with a raquetball racket.

Is it possible to go through a tennis racket?

No, it is physically proven that a human is unable to go through a tennis racket.

What causes a tennis ball or a coin to spin?

When the ball hits the tennis racket, topspin (preffered stroke of tennis) makes the ball spin. The upward motion of the racket hitting the tennis ball.

What is the title of this picture page 52 in punchline?

mountain range view through tennis racket

What injury can occur from hitting your knee with a tennis racket?

Dislocation, broken bones or shattered knee

How do put on a tennis racket grip?

Follow the link to Tennis Warehouse below, it has a step-by-step tutorial and also has a video.

Why do you have to have a racket for tennis?

well unless you want to hit the tennis ball with your body you need a tennis racket

Where can one find Butterfly Table Tennis Racket online?

The Butterfly Table Tennis racket is available through many online outlets such as Amazon and general sports retailers. They are also available through the Butterfly Table Tennis website.

What is a different between a light tennis racket and a heavy tennis racket?

Yes, the weight. The lighter the tennis racket, the lighter you hit the ball. The heavier racket can hit harder shots.

What is the heart of a tennis racket?

tennis ball

What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

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