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Just a hit by a bat.

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Q: Can a pop fly be a type of throw or just a type of hit meaning it comes from home plate. When a pop fly is thrown in practice it is thrown like a pop fly but is not a pop fly?
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How far can a baseball be thrown?

During a Colorado rockies practice/morning bp i saw Larry walker throw a baseball from home plate into the center feild stands. At least 420ft.

Did Vladimir Guerrero throw home run from plate?

he has hit a home run from the plate and also thrown people out at home plate.

What is plate earthing?

the wire comes from 3metre deapth from the ground is called earthing. the wire comes from the plate to the ground

What is meaning of the well filled plate?

means a plate which is filled.

Does a team bat around when the ninth batter comes to the plate or when the tenth batter comes to the plate?

Batting around the order happens when the 10th batter comes to the plate (actually the first batter up in the line-up)

Does the run count if the runner from third crosses the plate and the batter is thrown out going for a double?


What is a four letter word meaning a plate on which food is eaten?


If a ball is thrown 100 mph how much time does it take to get to home plate?

1. 7 seconds

The speed of a baseball crossing home plate after being pitched depends on its initial velocity. If thrown at 74 mph the speed over home plate will be 72.2 mph. If thrown at 50 mph the speed over home?

Speed(74) = 72.2Speed(50) = 44.7

What is the meaning of clip when filming?

shooting the plate

What is the meaning of place plate?

A place plate marks a place where someone will sit at a table.

What are four examples from softball in which and object is in projectile motion?

-- the ball, thrown over the plate by the pitcher -- the bat, illegally thrown by the batter before beginning his run to first base -- the outfielder's glove, thrown into the air after the last out in the ninth -- the cup of beer, thrown onto the field by a fan in the bleachers

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