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no, it will be called almost every time.

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Q: Can a player retrieve his own air ball without travelling being called?
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How is called when a basketball player has the ball and moves without the ball?

A player cannot both have and not have the ball.

In a soccer game what are the people called who retrieve the ball when it goes out of bounds but in the mean time they hand the player a ball to use?

they are called technicions & without them there is no game so next time your coach says "who wants to be a technician." remember what i told you by the way if your a bully & your reading this that job isn't for "fat" people...

What happens in table tennis when the player obstucts the ball?

The answer is ... it depends. A player who obstructs the ball when it's travelling towards the table loses the point, whereas they don't if the ball is travelling away from the table.

What is it called when a player advances a base without a hit or walk?

A steal

Before MP3 player what was used to store and retrieve music and video?


Can you play halo3 without anybody eles?

it's called...SINGLE PLAYER

What is it called when you walk with the ball without bouncing it?

It is called "traveling" in basketball, which is a violation where a player moves one or both of their feet illegally without dribbling the ball.

When a player serves the ball inside the court and it hits the floor without anyone touching the ball this is called?

It is called an Ace.

Is it a shot attempt if you are called for a charging foul?

Sometimes. Refs call charging foul when a player on the other team sees you coming his way with the ball. That player has to plant his feet into the ground, and not move to make the other player foul. If the player (player with the ball) bumps the other player (the player without the ball) knocking him over, a charge will be called. But that player cannot move his feet, he has to take the contact. However if you step in front of the player with the ball and he knocks you over, it's a blocking foul which will be called on the player who stood in the way, the player without the ball.

When a player serves the ball inside the court and it hits the floor without anyone touching the ball wthis is it called?

This is called an ace.

How many arms can you put on a player without getting called with a foul in the NBA?

No more than 7

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A player can retrieve coin drops in various places and monsters. After a player kills a monster it will drop items or coins. Also a player can sell items to receive coins.