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Yes, as long as you smile pretty at the refs

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Q: Can a player dribble the ball before inbounding the ball under the basket after a made shot?
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Do high school rules allow for two players to run out of bounds after a made basket and one player pass the ball to another player along the baseline before inbounding the ball?


Can a player dribble in for a layup and stop under the basket after two steps?

Yes, but he must maintain his pivot foot.

Can a player inbounding ball advance it down the court before another teammate touches the ball?

The player inboundin the ball can throw it all the way down the court, but someone else has to touch the ball once inbounded before the person inbounding the ball to touch it

Does the referee have to give the ball to the player when inbounding the ball?

yes except when one teams player is inbounding the ball because the other team has scored.

Can a player dribble off a pass and still get an assist?

Yes, but the shot must be taken very soon. The player can catch the ball and dribble towards the basket or dribble and shoot to let the passer get the assist. Should the player getting the pass decide to make any move to gain a better advantage or more space, the passer will not get the assist.

What is illegal dribble?

an illegal dribble or double dribble in basketball is when the player uses both hands to dribble or the player starts to dribble a second time after coming to a stop

If the inbounding player jumps and doesn't throw ball in is that traveling?

That depends on the situation. If this is after a made basket, it is legal. You can move anywhere along the baseline after a made shot. If this is any other situation, moving from your spot is illegal.

In an inbounding the basketball sitiation can a defensive player touch the ball while in the inbounding players hands?

No A team can not inbound the ball from the front court into the back court without penalty.

Can a player dribble out of bounds on change of possession?

you can never dribble out of bounds. ever.

If defensive player touches the ball after an offensive player picks up their dribble can the offensive player dribble again?

yes u idiots

What is it called when a player dribbles the ball after picking up hisher dribble?

double dribble

What does a double dribble consist of?

a player putting both hands on the ball and dribble or a player stops dribbling and starts again

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