Can a pitcher be taken out while batter has a count?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Yes, a pitcher may be replaced at any time with one exception. That exception isifthe pitcher has just entered the game and the batter is the first batter he is pitching to. The rule states a pitcher must pitch one full at bat and applies to both starting and relief pitchers. Of course, if the pitcher suffers an injury the umpires can rule that he may be replaced regardless of whether the batter is the first batter the pitcher is pitching to.

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Q: Can a pitcher be taken out while batter has a count?
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Can a batter be replaced during his turn at bat?

As long as the pitcher has pitched to at least one batter previously, a change can be made during an at bat. If the batter is the first batter the pitcher has pitched to, (s)he may not be taken out unless having suffered an injury that the umpires deem is serious enough to warrant being taken out of the game.

Pitcher fails to address batter while runners are on base?

In MLB, it is a balk.

What is the time taken to count to 1 million?

It really depends on how fast you can count, and if you take any breaks while counting.

Name of person who throws a baseball?

A pitcher throws a baseball to the catcher while the batter trys to hit it.

If a baseball pitcher were equally talented pitching left or right handed can he switch in the middle of an at bat?

pitchers may not switch throwing hands in the middle of an at bat. they may switch from hitter to hitter however There is nothing I have found in the MLB rules that states a pitcher cannot switch throwing hands when facing a single batter. Maybe someone can point out the specific rule that states what the above answerer says is factual? There is no rule in the official baseball scores that say a pitcher cannot change his hands. However, just as a batter cannot switch while the pitcher is on the rubber, so too can the pitcher not switch while on the rubber, as that would be an illegal motion while in the set position and be considered a balk (with runners on) or a ball (with bases empty).

Can you substitute a hitter while he is up to bat?

Yes, but the pinch hitter would inherit the count of the original batter.

If it's 2 outs and a runner is throw out while trying to steal and the batter is still alive will the batter get a new count the next time his team is up?

Yes. The position in the lineup that was batting at the time of the third out will be the first batter in the next inning and the count will reset to 0-0.

Would a batter get a new count if a runner is called out for the third out while he is at bat?

Yes he would. Any count that he would currently have will be cleared at the start of the next inning.

Can a batter switch hit after a pitch has been made in MLB?

Yes, a batter can change from one side of the plate to the either during his at-bat, but he cannot do it once the pitcher is ready to pitch. Rule 6.06(b) states: A batter is out for illegal action when stepping from one batter's box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch.

Can a walked batter round first base and move on to second while the pitcher is in the circle in little league softball?


What is it called when a pitcher drops the ball while pitching?

If the pitcher drops the ball while contacting the rubber or in her motion it is called an illegal pitch. The batters' count will be given a ball and if a runner is on base they are allowed to advance to the next base.

Can a pitcher be relieved at any time during a game?

A pitcher must pitch to one batter before he can be relieved. The only exception to this would be if the pitcher suffered an injury during warmups or while pitching to the first batter he faced. In that case, should the umpire deem the injury serious enough to warrent immediate medical attention, a new pitcher may be brought in.