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Yes, only diagonally. In special situations, though, there is en passant capturing

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Q: Can a pawn only capture diagonally?
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Can a pawn capture in front of it?

No, pawns can only capture diagonally.

Can a pawn capture diagonally two spaces on the first move?

No. The pawn may either capture diagonally one space, or move forward one or two spaces.

What direction can a pawn move in the game of chess?

The pawn can only move one forward upwards. It can move two moves upward only when you move it the first time. To capture, you move diagonally.

Is it possible to attack a chess piece with a pawn diagonally?

Diagonal attacking is the only way a pawn can capture another chess piece , besides a En Passant capture , since this is the only way a pawn can attack or threaten another chessmen . See related link below to additional information on how a pawn moves , attacks and captures .

In chess if a pawn is blocked and there is no piece to capture can it go diagonally?

No, it cannot move unless it can capture or the blocking piece is moved out of the way.

How do the pawns move in chess?

They can move 1 space(2 if it is the pawn's first move of the game)and they capture diagonally.

How does a pawn capture a piece in chess?

A pawn captures another piece by moving diagonally one square forward to the square where the enemy piece is located. The pawn cannot capture a piece that is directly in front of it. Another way a pawn captures is under a special rule which applies only to another pawn. If White has a pawn on the 5th rank and Black moves a pawn one file over two spaces from the 7th rank to the 5th rank, the White pawn may capture the Black pawn even though the black pawn is now right beside it by moving one square diagonally forward right behind the Black pawn. This is called capturing "en passant"

Can you move a pawn diagonally backwards and forwards to capture another player?

A pawn can only capture by moving forward on the diagonal or through en passant; otherwise it must move directly forward. Both moves are of one space only, except for the "breakout move" which can be of either one or two spaces.

Can a pawn only move in a straight line?

A pawn moves in a straight line but captures diagonally or by 'En Passant' .

Can a pawn move diagonal on to the last row if there is nothing there?

No, a pawn can only move diagonally when taking another piece on the board.

Can pawn kill side way in chess?

No, they can only move forward and attack diagonally.

Can a king capture a pawn?

Yes, the king can capture a pawn.

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