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Depends by which rules and standards you are going by. Some say no and if you take another piece to get out of check-mate then it was technically just check, other rules state that its check-mate if all other avenues of movement are blocked and the only way out of check-mate is to take the piece then yes it is possible.

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Q: Can a king take another chess piece in checkmate?
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Which piece has to be killed to get a checkmate in chess?

The capture of the King is the penultimate goal in the game of chess .

What is the objective of chess?

The objective of chess is to checkmate the king, where the king is in check by a piece and it cannot block the check, move to another square, or capture the piece checking the king.

Can a king attack a king?

The King can not move into check but can pin the opponents King allowing another chess piece to checkmate ~. see related link below .

Is the king in chess your goal?

The goal in chess, or the object of the game, is to checkmate your opponent's king. A king is in checkmate when he is attacked and no matter what move he attempts to make he is still being attacked (or in check). There are three ways to get out of check: move the king to a safe square, capture the checking piece, or block with another piece. If a player is in check and cannot get out of check, he is in checkmate and has lost the game.

Can a pawn kill capture or checkmate a king in chess?

Yes, it can kill, or rather capture/checkmate a king in chess. A pawn can capture any other piece on the board. A king can be checkmated by any other piece on the board except by the other king.

What is a checkmate in chess?

The answer is simple, the king is being attacked by another piece, so has to move, but can't move anywhere else without being attacked by another piece again.

What is the function of the king in chess?

The king represents the piece that you want to protect. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king.

What does checkmate mean in chess?

Checkmate - the capture of the king - is the ultimate goal in chess, arising when the king is threatened with capture, with no way to respond to that threat by either moving the king, capturing the attacking piece or interposing a defending piece between the attacker and the king. The checkmated player loses.

What is a checkmate move?

In chess, a checkmate move is a move that one makes that puts the opponent in a position where the king piece has nowhere to move.

In chess when there are many pieces on the board can you checkmate?

Yes, just put the king in a danger that he cannot move out of or get another piece to move in front of

In the game of chess if it is not a king can it kill a king?

In chess, any piece may capture any other piece except the king, which can only be checkmated (in check with no square to escape). Even the lowly pawn can checkmate the King.

Can a player in chess put themself in checkmate by move a piece that in front of king exposing his king to other players piece?

The rules of chess does not allow exposing your king to check at any time - regardless of circumstance .

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