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No only one at all times

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Q: Can a king move two spaces in its first move?
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Can a king move two spaces in the initial move?

No , the King is allowed to move only one space at a time - the pawn may , upon it's first move , excercise the option of moving from one to two spaces .

Can a king move two spaces in checkers?


Can a pawn move two spaces only on the very first move of the game or can each pawn move two on its first move?

Each individual pawn can move two spaces on its first move

Can king move two places for the very first time?

No , the King cannot move more than two places at a time unless in the process of castling . The Pawn can , only upon it's first move , move two spaces . See related links below .

Can each pawn move two spaces on that pawn's first move?

A pawn may move forward either one or two spaces when making the pawn's first move.

Can a pawn attack on first move while moving two spaces?

No, pawns can only attack diagonally and their first move being two spaces forward is not diagonal.

Can the king move two spaces?

The king, in chess, can only move two spaces when performing a move called "a Castle". This can only be performed when there is no piece between the King and closest Rook (so the bishop and the knight have advanced along the board), and neither the king nor the closest rook have been previously moved. If that is the case, then you can move the king two spaces toward the rook, and place the rook to the space immediately to the left of the King. This is called a Castle, and this is the ONLY time the king can move two space during the duration of one game. Outside of this move, the king only moves one space at a time. - answer provided by black atticus

Can a pawn capture diagonally two spaces on the first move?

No. The pawn may either capture diagonally one space, or move forward one or two spaces.

Can two pawns move one space each on first move?

A pawn may move forward either one or two spaces when making the pawn's first move.

How many spaces can the king move when castling in chess?

He moves two spaces if castling on his own side, and three if castling on the queen's side.

How do you spell move forword two spaces?

The correct spelling is "forward" (ahead) in move forward two spaces.

How many spaces can the king move in chess?

He can move any number of times, but only two square per turn, and in any direction.

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