Can a king kill another piece?

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Yes, as long as it doesn't put him in check.

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Q: Can a king kill another piece?
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Related questions

Can another piece kill to get the king out of check?

Yes, as long as the move doesn't leave the King in Check from another source.

Can the king kill while in check?

Yes, the king can take another piece to get out of check, but only to get out of check.

How does king kill in chess?

The king can move one square in any direction. If it moves into a square that is occupied by another piece, it takes that piece only if the king is not endangered if it gets next to it in order to capture it.

Can a king kill any time in chess or does it have to be in check to capture?

The king can take another piece anytime, but it is not smart to do so until perhaps the last moves of the game, if at all.

Can a pawn kill capture or checkmate a king in chess?

Yes, it can kill, or rather capture/checkmate a king in chess. A pawn can capture any other piece on the board. A king can be checkmated by any other piece on the board except by the other king.

Why are there times when a king can't capture another piece?

The King is not allowed to be in check. If a piece is on a square where if the King were there, the King would in check, the King isn't allowed to capture it.

What can not you do if you are a king?

You can't checkmate another king unless the king is the only piece left on the board.

In chess if the king is in check could you move another piece to save the king?


Can you get another piece back when your king gets across the board?


How can a king capture another piece in chess?

The king just moves onto it, same as any other capture. The difference is that the king cannot capture a piece or pawn protected by another piece or pawn, as this would place him in check (attacked, subject to capture).

How can king kill in chess?

The king (if possible) can move one space in any direction. If a piece happened to be in king's movement area, it can be killed by the king.

In the the game checkers can you take a king apart if your trapped?

Yes, in fact if you're trapped you can move the top piece of the king with another piece.

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