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Yes they can.yes they should

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Q: Can a homeschooler play a sport should they be allowed to?
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Should girls be allowed to play boys sport?


Should girls be allowed to play on boys sport teams?

Girls should play in boy's sport team because many girls become leaders of the boy's sport team

Should girls be allowed to play a boys sport?

It depends on what sport. You will need to make your question more specific. (I DO know that they shouldn't be allowed to wrestle!)

Should people be allowed to play dangerous sport in the Olympics?

i will ask my friend to help me out!

Why should girl's be allowed to play on boys sports teams?

i dont think they should i think they should have there own team on that certain sport

Why should softball be a professional sport?

Because, just like baseball, women who play this sport, work extra hard. They should be allowed to get paid for what they love to do...just like the men do. Because, just like baseball, women who play this sport, work extra hard. They should be allowed to get paid for what they love to do...just like the men do.

Why were the Jews not allowed to play sports?

it is not true, Jews are allowed to play any sport they want to---The question ask were not are.

Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?


Why are sixith grade students not allowed 2 play a sport?

They ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only sport not allowed to play left hand?


The only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?

your penis

What sport should I play?

Any sport You like

Why it is important to behave when you play sport?

What you're allowed to do in sports is governed by the rules of the sport. Break the rules and you're not allowed to take part.

Should I play Softball?

You should play softball if it is a sport that you enjoy.

What is the most sport played by girls?

The most played sport by girls is Basketball. Either boys or girls are allowed to play this sport

Why women should not play rugby?

Women should play whatever sport they please! Although it can be a rough sport for EITHER gender, women should never be discouraged from playing a sport they enjoy.

Why should you play a sport?

You play a sport to get health and have fun. Also, you could show off if you are terrific.

Why should girls play boy's sport?

It depends on the sport and the girl. If she is very good at a sport there is no reason why she shouldn't be able to play in that sport. Gender should have no foundation in sports since it is ability that is important.

What were the olympic sports that women were not allowed to play?

any sport that i feel women cannot play which is quite a few.

Are children or youth who are disabled allowed to play sport with other children who are not disabled and are they allowed to play sports both in school and outside school setting?

it depends on the disability. normally the children that are handicapped are not allowed to play and also the kids with down-syndrome are not allowed. but i have seen deaf children play with other children in sport teams... im not positive about outside of school though.

Which sport should I play?

of coarse you HAVE to play hockey it's the all-time bestest sport in the world you could play tennis,golf,or soccer soccer is a sport that every country can play

Why should people play sport?

To stay fit.

Should you play a sport with a sprained thumb?

depends what sport kie soccer its fine

Where did they let black people play sports?

In the United States, people of any race are allowed to play any sport.

Why every single kid should play at least 1 team sport?

Every Kid should play at least one sport for their health. They also should play so they can stay nice and healthy