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A goal keeper may play as any other player. He only has special privileges within his own penalty area.

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Q: Can a goalkeeper in soccer come out of his area and go to midfield and have the ball and kick it to the other goal and score?
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How likely is it for a soccer player to score a midfield goal?

It depends on which soccer player it is and what division.

How many points is it if you score from midfield in soccer?

1 you muppet x

Can a soccer goalie kick the ball and score more than once in the same game?

Yes a goalkeeper can kick the ball and score more then one goal into the other net. And he can score from corner kicks as well.

How many main positions are there in soccer?

Every position is vital and needs to be done well.If a midfielder does not get the ball to the striker they can not score goals.If the defender does not steal the ball and the goalkeeper does not save the ball the other team will score.

Can a soccer goalie score?

Yes, just like people can go into a goal and block the ball even when theyre strikers, midfield and defenders.

Can players score from inside the goalie box in soccer?

Yes. The only times other players aren't permitted in the penalty box are on the goalkeeper's goal kicks and on penalty kicks.

Soccer goalkeeper's punt and score valid in world soccer?

It is valid in world soccer. Ive seen it happen before, as long as no-one intefers illegally with the ball or a player it is all okay!

Try to score in soccer?

When you try to score in soccer, it is called a "shot on goal". If the shot misses wildly, it may not be recorded as such for statistical purposes, as that statistic is used to evaluate goalkeeper performance as well as offensive aggression.

What do each position do in a soccer match?

The goalkeeper prevents any goals going in, the four defenders defend the goalkeeper as well. The four midfielder feed the strikers and the two strikers mainly score goals.

Can a goalkeeper score a goal against the other team?

Yes all the 22 players can score if they hv the opportunity

Who is the first goalkeeper to score a goal?

Tony Roberts of Dagenham & Redbridge (England) and Wales national team was the first goalkeeper to score an FA CUP GOAL.. the first goalkeeper to score any goal is unknown.

What do different players do in a soccer match?

All have to do their path, goalkeeper must save the goal. Midfielders must supply the striker and the striker must score.