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because for more grip

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Q: When did the first ever football goalkeeper start wearing goalie gloves?
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What do goalkeeper need?

They need goalie gloves, A goal and a strip.

What goalie gloves are better Selsport wrappa classic or Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip RF Goalkeeper Gloves?

the uhlsport gloves are better more lattex

How can you be a good goal keeper in football?

Where Nikes goalie gloves!! :)

Can a goalkeeper in soccer wear football gloves?

Sure they can. I don't know why you would want to but I don't know of any rules against it. You cannot wear football cleats but I see no reason why you can't wear football gloves. Wear winter gloves for all the ref cares. I would highly recommend purchasing a quality pair of goalie gloves though. High end goalie gloves have something known as finger savers. This stops your fingers from over extending backwards and can save you a lot of money on medical bills. A good pair of goalie gloves will also have a great grip on the ball and will allow you to distribute the ball just as well (they're not sticky rubber) there are a lot of great advantages to investing in a pair of goalie gloves, just go check them out. Id recommend eurosport unless you have a local soccer shop where you can actually try them on and see the difference. Remember, goalie gloves are designed for this stuff. Football gloves aren't.

Why doesn't a soccer goalie have to wear a glove?

Why should a goalkeeper have to wear gloves in football? Gloves are only worn for padding and gripping reasons, so it is the choice of the keeper as to whether he prefers the grip of the gloves and whether he feels he needs padding. The only real argument for goalies to have to wear gloves is that if there is a packed penalty area, and the referee sees a hand touch the ball, it is easier in that split second to see if it was the goalkeeper or whether someone comitted hand ball.

Interesting fact about Mexico's football team?

Their goalkeeper played for five world cups in a row. And another goalkeeper Jorge Campos would change position from a goalie to a midfielder.

What are soccer gloves called?

normally they are called goalie gloves because only the goalie wears them! :)

How do soccer goalie gloves differ from other sports athletic gloves?

Soccer goalie gloves differ from other sports athletic gloves because of the padding on the back of the glove to protect the metacarpals on the goalie's hand from breaking if the ball made contact with the back of the goalie's hand. These gloves are almost reminiscent of UFC training gloves except for the fact that the fingers are covered on soccer goalie gloves as well.

What is the hinky pinky for round goalkeeper?

rolly goalie

Where can one purchase goalie gloves?

Goalie gloves can be purchased at any sports store. Dick's Sporting Goods offers a comprehensive guide for choosing which goalie gloves are suited for certain people.

Is there a difference between starter soccer goalie gloves and normal soccer goalie gloves?

No all gloves are the same, just depends on which brand you purchase.

What to do if you get a rash from goalie gloves?

i get it too!

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