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Yes. But if the ball also goes into the goal it will be a goal for the opposing team.

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Q: Can a goalie go into the goal net with ball in his hand?
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Can a goalie shoot a goal?

If a goalie kicks the ball out, and it goes into the opposition's net, the goal stands.

What does a goalie do in soccer?

The goalie stands in front of the net, and can use his hands to stop the ball from going into the net, all the goalie has to do is keep the ball out of the goal

What will happen in football when the goalie touches ball and the ball will get scored will it be a own goal?

The main thing is, was the ball going in anyway? If the ball was going in and the goalkeeper gets a hand to it, it is not deemed to be an own goal. Sometimes the keeper will get a hand to it, but not enough to stop it going in, this is not an own goal. If however the ball was going a metre wide and the goalkeeper fumbles it into the net, that is an own goal.

Is it true that for a goal to count it must hit the net or the ground?

No, in order to score a goal, all you need is for the ball to fully cross the goal line. Even if the goalie stops the ball from hitting the net, it is still a goal if the ball has crossed the line.

Could you ever kick the ball to your goalie?

Yes, you can kick the ball to your goalie/goal keeper. However, if you kick your ball into your net, your team will be very mad at you because you will have given the other team a point. If you are kicking to goalie, make sure the goalie can catch the ball in order to kick or throw it far away from your goal.

Is it a own goal when the ball touches the goalie and gets scored?

No. If the ball was going into the net if the goalkeeper had not touched it then it is not an own goal. If the ball was going wide and the keeper pushes it back into the goal then it is an own goal.

When should the goalie leave the net to challenge an attacker?

The goalie should leave the net to challenge an attacker only if they are certain that they will be able to get the ball. Often times, a goalie will go out by mistake, and cost the team a goal.

What does the goalie responsible for?

keeping the ball out of the net.

What is the main goal in soccer?

In soccer the main goal is to get the ball down the feild and score by getting the ball in the net past the goalie. You win by having more goals than the opposite team.

What constitutes a shot on goal in hockey?

If it hits the goalie or the net

What is a goalie in soccer?

A goalie stops the ball from entering the net and has the option to use his/her hands.

What is the objective of the lacrosse?

To score more goals than the other team. You score a goal by throwing the ball with the stick past the goalie and into the net

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