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yes, as long as it goes in between it is a fieldgoal

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Q: Can a football bounce through the uprights on a fieldgoal?
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What makes a field goal good?

The football, after being kicked by the place kicker, must travel over the crossbar and between the two uprights of the goal post. It can hit one of these bars, but it must then bounce in such a way that it still goes over the crossbar and between the uprights. There is no limit on how high the football can go. The "uprights", though they have a finite physical length, are considered, for the purposes of the game, to extend upward infinitely.

Does a football usually bounce the way the wind is blowing from?

A football might be affected by wind when it is thrown, punted, or kicked. However, the biggest factor that affects a football's bounce is the way it hits the ground. Footballs are known for having a very irregular bounce due to their oblong shape.

In football can a goalkeeper bounce the ball before releasing it?

Yes , he can .

Can you convert the kinetic energy of a football into electricity?

Yes that would be possible to do - bounce the football onto a piezoelectric pad.

Why is the basketball shaped the way it is?

Because you can't bounce a football or something hard.

Which football manager coined the phrase 'bounce back ability'?

Ian Dowie

Can a basketball be shaped like a football?

No...It would bounce all over the place...

What is the meaning of bounce pass?

A bounce pass is when you throw the ball from one player to the next by making it bounce rather than directly through the air.

What makes a football bonce?

The rubber incasement the ball is made of as well as the composition of air withing when fully inflated causes a football to bounce.

Can the kicker punt the ball into the uprights on a fieldgoal?

I believe this IS allowed in the NFL so long as the ball leaves the kicker's foot before crossing the line of scrimmage. I can't recall though ever seeing this type of kick DONE in an NFL game. ---- A field goal is attempted when the ball is placed on the ground for the kicker to kick or when the ball is dropped to the ground and kicked once it touches the ground and starts its bounce back up. In other words, the ball must have touched the ground or is touching the ground when the kick is attempted for the attempt to be considered a 'field goal attempt'. A punt occurs when a kicker kicks the ball before it has touched the ground. No points can be scored by a punt. So the answer to the question, as I understand it, is no. No. If a punted ball travels through the uprights, no points are scored. The ball has to make contact with the ground before it's kicked to score points, either by placekick or dropkick.

Is bananas bad for tennis?

Bananas will not bounce and they get sieved through the raquet

If glass is see through how do you know it is there?

cause when you run into it you bounce back

How do you get a saftey in football?

when the QB gets tackled in the end zone or if he steps outta bounce in the end zone

How you get through ice path?

Just use the rocks to your advantage and bounce off them

Does a football player drop kick the football?

Yes, a punter does.ANSWERThey can but rarely do. A punt is not a dropkick. A dropkick involves letting the ball hit the ground and kicking it on the bounce.

The title track from the group consisting fx lyrics bounce bounce bounce?

The title track from the group consisting of the lyrics 'bounce bounce bounce' is Rainbow.

How can a team get an onside kick in indoor football stadium?

The same way as outdoors. But inside the ball has a bit more bounce.

Do waves bounce off each other or go through each other?

Waves travel through each other.

How does light travel when it travels through material that doesn't change?

Light will bounce back to you

What are the skills used in basketball?

you bounce a ball and try to get it through a hoop with a net attached to it.

How does earth bounce back heat into the atmosphere?

Warm air rises through convection.

What part of a atom causes particles to bounce back?

The part of a atom that causes particles to bounce back is the electron cloud. However, there are some things that are able to pass through it.

What type of ball will bounce highest?

A bounce ball will bounce the highest!!!!!!!!!

Do all balls bounce and why?

All balls will bounce based on the surface you bounce it on. Even a bowling ball will bounce at least a centimeter or half a centimeter even though it is hard to determine whether it is getting off the ground or not. Of course it wont bounce if you bounce it on something soft and break through, but it will bounce on a hard cement floor. It will bounce because it will have potential energy weighing it down and if the floor is harder than the ball, the ball will move off like opposite sides of a magnet. but only for a while until our gravity pulls it down and stops it. Hope that helped.

Why are balls in a shape of a sphere?

So that they roll smoothly. Notice that the balls for American football are not spheres, they bounce unpredictably when they hit theground.