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You can use a compression device to return an aluminum bat with crackÊto its original condition but it is not advisable to use it. AÊhairline crack will become a larger crack and eventually break the bat into two pieces, which will be sharp and dangerous.Ê

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Fixing a cracked aluminum bat is not a good idea, because of safety. There are many ways to patch the crack, but never restore the integrity of the bat. You can use aluminum patch (comes in a tube, like glue). That will fill the crack and make the bat appear like new, but it will never have the same characteristics. I saw a patched aluminum shatter once -- it was not a pleasant experience for the batter or catcher. If you crack an aluminum bat, I strongly recommend you throw it away and get a new bat.

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It is not a good idea to fix a crack in aluminum bat because of the safety issues and your bat will not have the same characteristics, so you should just throw it away and get a new bat.

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Q: Can a cracked aluminum bat be repaired?
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