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Yes. There is nothing in the MLB rulebook that states a catcher cannot 'fake' an action in order to lure a baserunner off the base. The pitcher, however, cannot do this. Any false action from a pitcher would be considered a balk.

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Q: Can a catcher pretend to lose the ball in order to get a runner on third to attempt a steal?
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What if catcher throws and hits base runner?

The runner is safe, in order for the runner to be considered out the fielder would have to have the ball in his glove or hand and tag the runner. *edit: It depends on where the runner is when he is hit. If the runner is running a direct path to first and is within the 3ft baseline, the runner is safe. If however the runner takes a lane outside the 3ft path, in a deliberate attempt to block the catcher's throwing lane, the runner is out for Interference.

Can the pitcher throw to a fielder not on the base to get a runner out?

In Major League Baseball, all Pitchers are allowed to throw to their infielders in an attempt to get a runner out (also known as a pickoff attempt) and the infielder does not have to be standing on the base in order to get the runner out because it is not considered a forced play which means the fielder has to tag the runner out before he is able to either return to the base that he previously occupied or advances to the next base on a stolen base attempt.

What is a home plate collision?

A home plate collision is usually the case of a base runner that was on one of the bases trying to reach home plate in order to score while the other team's Catcher is trying to block home plate in order to prevent the base runner from touching home plate in an effort to prevent a run from scoring and the runner and the base runner usually slides into the Catcher that is blocking home plate which is what one example of a home plate collision is.

Must runner turn right to return to first after over run?

The runner does not have to turn right after an over run in order not to be tagged out. The rule is that the runner must not make any attempt to go to second. Thus a runner may stop after the overrun and head straight back to first even after not turning right. Runners turn right in order to make it absolutely clear that no attempt is being made to advance to second.

Umpire calls a batter out and catcher drops the ball and batter advances to first is he safe or out at first?

If he is called out on strikes and the catcher drops the ball, the batter may try to run to first base. In order to be put out, the catcher must throw the ball and get him out at first before he gets to the base. If the runner beats the throw, then the runner is safe. The pitcher is given credit for a strikeout. The catcher is given an error. This is how pitchers can have 4 strikeouts in an inning, which happened in MLB this week.

In baseball can a runner on second run back to first while the runner on first goes to second?

NO. Base runner's must run the bases in the order they batted. If a runner overtakes another runner, he is automatically out.

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In baseball when a batter strikeouts who gets credit for the out The pitcher or catcher?

The catcher since (s)he needs to control the ball in order for the out to be recorded.

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